Saturday, August 31, 2013

Looking for our online store?

If you reached this blog, through a Google search or through Pinterest, expecting to find an online shop, you didn't make a mistake. Things have just changed. 

This blog was originally begun to publicize our antiques and primitives shop, Antique or Not, in Indian Trail, North Carolina. We closed the shop in April 2009 so that we could move to Idaho and retire a little early.

Although all of the furniture and many of the small items from our antiques shop in North Carolina were sold when the shop closed, a lot was left over. So we packed it up and moved it with us to Idaho, and maintained a website at where some of our remaining inventory was offered for sale.

After moving to Idaho, an opportunity came along for me to start editing books, and a new hobby was born. Since editing is taking up more and more of my time, I don't have much time or energy left over to sell merchandise.

So in August 2013, I closed the online store, and decided to offer inventory for sale here on this blog and on our Facebook page on an occasional basis. So if you see a post on this blog and are interested in purchasing the items discussed in that post, feel free to contact me (press the tab marked Contact above). Some are still available.

NOTE: I do not offer an appraisal service, and cannot estimate a value of items you may own. 

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