Monday, January 28, 2008

So now we're blogging...

It's official...Antique or Not is joining the 21st century. Welcome to our blog!

If you love antiques or maybe just like the "look", come on in to see us! When people walk through our door, the first thing they comment on is the fragrance! One day, it may be a Beanpod soy tart melting, another day it may be a Lampe Orleans fragrance lampe, yet again it might be a wonderful butter maple syrup reed diffuser. In any case, it smells like "home", and we love sharing our new fragrance finds with our customers.

The next most common thing that we hear from customers is: We love your music! It's big band music all the time in our shop; our favorite is Glenn Miller. Music from the 30s and 40s sets the tone for the base of our offerings: vintage and antique furniture and other old goodies. But it's not stodgy like your Grandma's house; it's more the way we decorate our homes these days. Most of us don't have all ALL antiques, nor do we have ALL new stuff in our homes. It's that sort of blend that we have a lot of fun putting together in our shop: a little old, a little new, and something unique and unexpected thrown in for fun.


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