Thursday, April 17, 2008

Contest: "My Favorite Things"

It's audience participation time! I know, not your favorite thing, but it's time for you to get off your tushy and contribute something to the world.

The topic: My Favorite Things. Your assignment:
email me
with a photo of the most favorite thing that you've "collected" over the years and tell us a little about what it is, where you got it, and why it's special to you. Please be sure to put "My Favorite Things" in the topic of your email so that I don't delete your message thinking that it's, I mean spam.

Your favorite thing may be an antique, a vintage collectible, or a neat primitive does NOT have to be an antique. I'll share everyone's entries on Sunday, May 4th. And one lucky winner will be selected completely at random to receive a selection of my favorite bath and body products offered in our shop.

Ready to play? I'll go first. Chest

My favorite treasure is a fabulous hand-made dower chest. It's about three feet wide and two feet tall and completely constructed of wood; the lid is pegged rather than hinged and it appears to be ancient (i.e. it smells ancient!). It has wonderfully primitive circular designs hand-carved onto its entire outer surface and has remnants of green paint clinging to the wood here and there.

Chest detail My husband and I bought the chest at an auction years ago when we first started in this business and have selfishly kept it for ourselves. I think it's so special to us because we believe it's by far the oldest thing that we've come across so far. I can't help but wonder how many brides have used this chest, and where it has traveled. Chest open

As you can see, we use it to store playing cards and small games. We used to keep all of our large board games in the chest but now we keep them in a closet so that they can collect dust there instead. After all, we're WAY too busy to play board games any more. Maybe it's time for a vacation? Hmmmm.


  1. What a fun idea!! I'll take a picture of mine tonight and send it to you!!
    I LOVE your little chest!!

  2. I can't wait to see the pics of everybody's pretties! It's fun being nosy!

  3. Pam!! What a great idea, I would love to see some of the "favorite things of your customers" as you know I love to collect all sorts of things its hard to pick a favorite, but I know if I had a trunk like yours it would be on the list! Hope you post some pictures of peoples favorite things, I love your blog and can't start my day without it!!


  4. Thanks, Dana! You've just made my day! And I won't just be posting SOME of the pics that come in, I'll be posting ALL of 'em. Entrants don't have to be customers ... I want to hear from anyone who has a treasure that they'd like to share with us. Keep an eye on the countdown and be sure to check in to see all the pretties on May 4th!

  5. What great fun!! I will send over a pic in a bit and looking forward to seeing everyone's pics! Gotta work on a blog for me I suppose to keep up with you other gals. :-)

  6. One of my favorite things is a crow key is very old looking and is made from an old wooden box (there is printing on the back of the crow)...It was my Mom's and she really valued it alot, and since she has passed, I am now the keeper of the crow. It's wing is hinged and that is where you hide your key.

  7. I have SO many favorite things...I will quickly think of the best one and email you! Great idea!! Karen

  8. Still waiting on pics from Pamela, Liz, and Karen. Ahem, Ladies.... *smile*

  9. I know this posting is from 2008, but I've been looking and researching all over the internet trying to find out more information on a chest I acquired that looks a lot like the one you have pictured. Construction with all wood dowels, the way the top is and similar carvings - mine are wavy swirls instead of flowers. Any additional information you have gained would be greatly appreciated.

    Cassandra :D


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