Monday, April 21, 2008

Contest Update: My Favorite Things

We've been getting some wonderful participation in our first blog contest, My Favorite Things. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent in their stories and pictures. I continue to be amazed with each new entry at the variety of interests that we all have.

I've heard from some of you that you would be more inclined to participate if you didn't have to send in a picture. Oh, come on! We want to see pics! But in the spirit of womanhood (Translation: I'm free to change my mind whenever I want because...well, because I can!), we're going to change the contest rules just a tad.

So here goes. Everyone who emails me with their entry will be put into the "pot" for the drawing. But anyone who sends a picture of their favorite thing along with their entry will be put into the "pot" twice, doubling their chances of winning.

Now don't get me wrong, you can't enter fifteen gajillion times, so don't even go there. But those that send in the pretty pictures for us to drool over will get an extra chance to win.

In case you missed the first post, here is the meat of it again:

It's audience participation time! I know, not your favorite thing, but it's time for you to get off your tushy and contribute something to the world.

The topic: My Favorite Things. Your assignment:
email me with a photo [photos are now optional] of the most favorite thing that you've "collected" over the years and tell us a little about what it is, where you got it, and why it's special to you. Please be sure to put "My Favorite Things" in the topic of your email so that I don't delete your message thinking that it's, I mean spam.

Your favorite thing may be an antique, a vintage collectible, or a neat primitive does NOT have to be an antique. I'll share everyone's entries on Sunday, May 4th. And one lucky winner will be selected completely at random to receive a selection of my favorite bath and body products offered in our shop.

If you haven't sent in your entry yet, don't despair, there's still time. The little blue box in the right sidebar will keep you the second...with how much time you have left. Now get busy, we're waiting for YOU!

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