Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fresh Vintage Arrivals

If you've been in our shop, you know I love dinnerware, especially old dinnerware. We have an entire booth devoted to anything blue and white, and it's full of Blue Willow, Phoenix Bird, Blue Danube and other lovely blue and white porcelain. We have had some pieces of Liberty Blue in the past, but we've recently hit the "mother lode" and have acquired over 200 more pieces of Liberty Blue including a fabulous soup tureen. We are bringing these pieces in stages in order to make room to display it all, but we wanted to give you the heads-up first in case you're hot on the hunt for Liberty Blue.

If you're not into "blue and white", don't despair. Today we lucked into a set of Franciscan Apple that included a covered vegetable dish, a teapot, the elusive open syrup pitcher, and other assorted tableware. Some pieces have the California backstamps, others have the English, but all are lovely.

Our selection of 78-rpm records has recently multiplied drastically by about 500 records and counting. We're bringing in more by the day. Please tell all of your record collector buddies so that we can have room to bring in the rest of them!


  1. Pam,
    My stepdaughter lives in North Carolina right near Winston-Salem. It would be wonderful to meet you and visit your store!!! Are you anywhere near her?

  2. We're only about an hour and a half from Winston-Salem, so come on down! Visit my website at www.antiqueornot.net and you'll find a map. And be sure to introduce yourself when you come in!


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