Friday, April 11, 2008

The Secret to Long-Lasting Soap

Okay, I'm going to let you in on one of my best secrets. It's about soap...and saving money. I've become addicted to specialty soaps since I brought some into the shop and -- like you -- I don't want to spend a lot of money on them. But I'm not giving them up, so I found a way to make them last longer.

Here's the secret...keep your soap dry between uses. That's it! So here's how you do it:Old soap dish

You know the white ceramic thing-y that the builder installed in your shower? It's just underneath and to the right of your shower head, and it looks something like this:

It's nice enough, I suppose, but think about's RIGHT UNDERNEATH YOUR SHOWER HEAD. So half of your wonderful special soap ends up going down the drain without even touching your body, which is a huge waste of money.

The solution? Buy a light-weight plastic soap dish with a suction cup back and those little holes in it that let the soap "breathe". New soap dishStick it to your shower wall about three feet away from the shower spray so that it will stay relatively dry. We bought ours at Wal-Mart and it looks something like this:

But here's the problem. So I bring one home (for me!) thinking that hubby would use the "old" soap dish for store soap. (yuck!)

The next morning, my soap's on the new soap dish, but so is his, crowding my very special Pré de Provence soap with his yukky Tone.

What's a girl to do? Buy ANOTHER soap dish. So then there were two...mine and his.

Then winter comes and brings dry, itchy skin and of course I have to bring home a bar of Pré de Provence's olive oil soap for extra moisturizing. But it's a HUGE bar, and there's no room on my soap dish. Back to Wal-Mart, and now our shower wall looks something like this:

New soap dish

New soap dish

New soap dish

But we're happy, and we're not busting the budget on soap!

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