Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shop Owner FAQs: Part One

When you own a shop, you get asked a lot of questions by customers. Some are predictable, and some make you go, "Huh?". I'll skip over the more unusual questions and address some of the ones that I'm asked over, and over, and over...

I was asked this question yesterday by a customer (it's not the first time, I promise you) and it made me stop in my tracks. Her question was: "Aren't you bored to tears?".

Now, I can understand why she asked me that; I was sitting there staring at my computer when she walked into the shop and was still staring at the computer ten minutes later when she was done browsing. What she didn't realize is that I had been working on my website's template ALL DAY trying to change the buttons for my product's categories. I had been trying really hard not to start tearing my hair out when she spoke to me and was dangerously close to drooling.

The truth of the matter, my friend, is that I'm NEVER bored when I'm at the shop. There is always so much to be done: dusting, ordering inventory, working on the website, answering phone calls, vacuuming, creating new displays, helping customers find what they need, clearing a path to walk through my overloaded storage room...FUN stuff!

But...seriously now...it's never boring doing something that you truly enjoy. I hope that each and every one of you is fortunate enough to have found that one thing that's your "passion" in life, and that you're able to make a living doing it.

I'm halfway there. I found my "passion", it's the "making a living" part that's the challenge. At least I'm not bored!

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  1. Hi again Pam, I'm sorry I had to chuckle when I read this. There are all kinds of silly people with silly questions. I have had my share.My dad was always self employed and had to deal with the public and same with my husband and I.Oh the stories we can tell. LOL ~~Pam


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