Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring is finally here

I love springtime in North Carolina! Every year the daffodils peek up first in February, quickly followed by the blooming of the Bradford Pear trees, forsythia, redtips, and tulips. Soon the cherry blossoms are exploding in March and the azaleas burst out with color, and then comes my favorite part: the dogwoods.

Maybe it's because the dogwood is our state flower, or perhaps it's because they bloom and fade so quickly, but for some reason I look forward to their blooming with great anticipation. When the dogwood blossoms drop and their branches fill out with bright green leaves, you know that warmer weather will follow soon and our Carolina spring will be a memory.

We have such short spring seasons here in North Carolina, shouldered between our brief cool winters and long hot summers like an airline passenger in the middle seat. But when the dogwood blossoms bloom, there's a little magic in the air. Enjoy!

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