Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Mother's Memories for Mother's Day

As mothers, we create countless memories with our children; some sweet, some bittersweet. The sweet ones we cling to with the tenacity of a tiger, and pull them out now and then to remind ourselves of how wonderful it is to be a mother. The bittersweet ones we put into little boxes and file them away in the back of the closet of our minds, buried under other, better memories.

I have two children: a boy that's all grown up (*sob*) and a girl who's nearly there as well (*sigh*). Seems like just yesterday they were two tiny little people and I was the center of their universe. Now they have much larger universes whose centers are definitely not me, but that's as it should be. That's what we as mothers strive for, but when it actually happens it creates one of those memories that we file under "bittersweet". Matt and me

But it's the sweet memories that I'm pulling out today and sharing with you, my very best friends. For instance, remember when your little one was still small enough to wear onesies? They were so warm and smelled so good and looked up at you with those big blue eyes and your heart melted? That's the memory that this photo of my boy brings back, that simple uncomplicated time when everything in the world was new and wondrous. Oh, and when I was young and skinny. *sigh*Megan home from the hospital

The day that I brought my girlie home from the hospital was another wonderful memory. My little man was a trooper about the whole thing and was excited about his new baby sister. And what a good baby she was...she started sleeping through the night at three weeks old and never woke up crying. Mom Megan and Me

And what's Mother's Day without thinking about your own mom? This is one of my favorite pics of my mother, me, and my girlie when she was about six. Look at those cheeks! (Girlie's cheeks, not mine, silly!)

Tonight Hubby and I are taking my mother and my girlie out to dinner, celebrating not only Mother's Day but also my girlie coming home from college. Think I'll take my camera's time for an updated photo of us three girls. And time to create another sweet memory.


  1. awwwwe Pam! those are beautiful pictures and what sweet memories!! Have a wonderful dinner tonight!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl...I'm really looking forward to it! Plus I'll get a chance to try out my new digital camera and photo printer. Happy Mother's Day to me! ;o)

  3. ooooh, what did you get? I SOOO want a digital slr, but I don't see one in my near future, but a girl can dream can't she? LOL

  4. Let's not even talk about digital SLRs, they make my eyes go glassy and I start to drool. And Hubby said I was nuts, so there went that idea! LOL

    I ended up with a camera/photo printer bundle: the Canon Powershot A570 with the Canon Pixma MP470 printer. Oh, and I upgraded to Photoshop Elements 6.0 too.

    Played around with an old photo I took of my little man in the bathtub with a "real" SLR back in the day. I was a newbie and it turned out really red. Played with it in PE6.0 and printed it out on the new photo printer. Way cool!


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