Thursday, May 1, 2008

Take our Poll: What will you do with your stimulus check?

The latest water-cooler topic these days seems to buzz around the government stimulus checks that should be arriving soon. Everyone has different plans for theirs: using to help pay bills or help with rising gas and grocery costs, splurging to buy something they've had their eye on, paying down their credit cards, putting it into their savings account, or perhaps a combination of the above.

So...what are you doing with your check? Take our poll on the sidebar; it's quick and easy. Then check to see what everyone else is doing.

As for our stimulus check, Hubby and I are stimulating the local economy by purchasing the router table that he's wanting and sprucing up my wardrobe (it's sad, oh so very sad). The rest is going towards my car's repair bills, but that's another story!

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