Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tips & Tricks: Removing Wax from your Tart Warmer

When I'm demonstrating our wax melters/tart warmers to customers, they often ask about the best way to remove the old melted wax when you're ready to change out the fragrance. There are several ways I've learned to do this, all are pretty easy, and can be used with either the glass or tin trays.

  • The most common solution is to place the tray in the freezer for a little while; the wax will condense in the cold and will pop out easily. This works best if you're not an impatient soul like myself. If you have a glass tray, be sure to let it completely cool before putting it in the freezer or else the glass will crack from the temperature change. And after you take it out of the freezer, be sure to let it warm up to room temperature before putting it back on the warmer.
  • Another idea is to insert a butter knife gently in the center of the wax, as if you're starting to slice a pizza from the center. The wax will crack and fall into pieces, allowing you to simply tip the tray and toss the pieces into the trash. If it's soy wax, a spoon will do because the wax is so soft.
  • If you're using Beanpod Soy Beads or other soy tarts, it's really simple: just run hot water over the tray and the hardened soy wax will revert back to soybean oil and will wash down the drain. Add a little soap and you can rinse all of the remaining soybean oil from the tray, or simply wipe it out with a paper towel. If you have a glass tray, be sure to let it completely cool before putting it under water or else the glass will crack in your hands (believe me, I know all about this one!).
  • The last method you use after you've turned off your wax warmer and the wax has started to cool. This method is best for the more coordinated; it's easy to spill the stuff and THEN you have a mess. You can carefully pick up the tray while the wax is still somewhat melted (being sure to use a pot holder or dishcloth to protect your fingers from the heat), and simply pour the wax into your trash bag. You can then wipe out the remainder of the melted wax with a tissue and you're ready to pop in another tart. Plus, your trash can will smell infinitely better!

Which method do I use? Like I said, I'm not very patient. I use the last method, even though I'm not the most coordinated person in the world. Yes, I've spilled some (thank goodness it was soy wax, which wipes up easily) and I've burned my fingers from a too-hot tray a time or two. Which is why I recommend the freezer solution to my customers...it's the safest method and least likely to create a mess or cause burned fingertips.

If any of you have other solutions that you've found, I'd love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: Try any of the above methods at your own risk.

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