Sunday, May 4, 2008

We Have A Winner!

Thanks so much to all of you who shared your Favorite Things! I enjoyed reading each and every one of them and couldn't wait to share them with you all.

As for the drawing, I wrote on a slip of paper the name of every person who submitted an entry; if they also submitted a photo, their name was written on another slip of paper. The slips were folded and placed into a lovely antique bowl (Copeland's Buttercup) that I picked up from the floor next to my desk (you shouldn't even have to ask why I have antique dinnerware sitting on the floor next to my desk...think...I'm an antique dealer, it's a sickness, takes over your home...). Anyway, Hubby was drafted to do the actual drawing, which he accomplished with great aplomb after first pretending to pick his nose to demonstrate the proper respect for the job.

And...drum roll please...congratulations go to Liz for her wonderful "Favorite Thing". Here's Liz's entry:

Liz wrote: "One of my favorite things is a crow key is very old looking and is made from an old wooden box (there is printing on the back of the crow)...It was my Mom's and she really valued it a lot, and since she has passed, I am now the keeper of the crow. It's wing is hinged and that is where you hide your key."

And here are the rest of the wonderful entries with a little eye candy for you. See why I wanted you to send pictures? Enjoy!

Cheryl Cheryl wrote: "My favorite things are actually two items from my childhood - one is a pillow that an great aunt made when I was born, it's stitched with my name birthdate - the other is my very own Raggedy Ann, or Riggy, as I called her I'm not sure how old I was when I got her, but somewhere around 5 years old- and she was dearly loved! I love both of these items, and they sit together on and old rickety chair in my family room, so I can see them every day! Thanks for the fun contest! I'm looking forward to seeing the other entries!"Kerri

Kerri wrote: "Well this is a fun, and easy one for me. Until recently, antiques haven’t really been something that interested me. But when my aunt was buying her new home, the owners were having an estate sale and when I saw this piece I had to have it. The photo shows how we used it in our store display, but I sure look forward to being able to use it in my home next winter! It’s an original Bob-O’Ski. The runner works and has a fully functional steering rudder on the back."

Pammie Pam B. wrote: "I collect antique picture frames, and samplers, many of which I stitch up to go into these frames. This is one of them."

Nadine wrote: "Don't suppose you want me to talk about my favorite kitchen pan, or the grill my family gave me for my birthday last year! But I will tell you about my Grandmother's glass relish dish - I have no idea where she got it, or how old it is. Doesn't really make any difference, I'm just happy to have something that belonged to her. It's cut glass, 3 compartments, one big, two small. Sort of an oval, shape. small handles on the sides, tiny glass feet. We use it for all holidays and special occasions."


FreshFlowers wrote: "Hi! I saw your little Favorite Things contest on P&R and the first thing I thought of that I really love is my metal cottagy cake stand. I first saw this cake stand in an article in Country Home magazine that featured Carrie Raphael's home. In it, she was photographed icing a cake on this same metal cake stand. It looked so cottagy and fabulous I just had to have it. I don't remember exactly how I found it, but after a few hours of looking at cottagy metal cake stands, I finally found it at Stonewall Kitchen. They no longer carry it, but it did come with two other matching stands, much smaller for little petite cakes or cupcakes. I love it and use it whenever I can. Now I can honestly say I feel as cottage chic as Carrie Raphael!"

Herb Jen wrote on behalf of her husband Herb: "This is Herbs favorites....his new old tractor and his dog Ben."

Suzanne wrote: "When I read your blog about the contest my first thought was about collections and I kinda thought hmmm don't know what I'd really write about, but then I thought I have something that I just really enjoying seeing everyday so that is what I'm going to tell you about. I was baptized when I was only a month old. My Mom's sister had crocheted a beautiful white dress and frosted mint sweater for me to wear. That outfit along with a photo of my Dad holding me in that beautiful outfit adorn my bedroom wall. Twenty-six years later when my daughter was baptized my sister gave her a beautiful full length white dress & bonnet to wear for that special day. That outfit along with a photo of her Dad holding her in that beautiful dress were added to the wall. So each day I get to reflect on the memory and spirit of the occasion of those days. Thanks for letting me share my story of a treasure which means so much to me. I don't have my camera here at the house or I would have taken a picture for you. Your Blog is great, keep up the good work!"Jen

Jen wrote: "This is one of my favorite things, my hog trough."

Pam L. wrote: "I have many things I'm very fond of and some may be of more value but this one is very dear to me. I have always wanted a old Pie Safe. We have hunted for years but never found one we liked or if we did the price was always more then we were willing to pay. So one day my husband Chuck was watching the New Yankee Workshop & seen the pattern for this pie safe. This was in the late fall so I told him this would make a perfect Christmas gift. He bought ruff red oak from a local saw mill near us and planned the lumber himself. With just 3 weeks before Christmas he got is all done except the punched tin for the doors. Pam LAfter pricing around he decided to buy sheets of flashing then print out his the star design onto the flashing and punch the design himself. About that time we had one of the worst ice storms in the history of Arkansas. We lost power for almost a week. Trees and power lines were down everywhere. In order to be sure to have this done for me in time for Christmas, Chuck would set every evening with an Oil Lamp at our bar and work on punching the flashing. That was a very ruff week with no power for so long but the fond memory of Chuck working so hard to get this pie safe done in time for me for Christmas will always be one of my favorite memories."OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thanks again to everyone for entering, this was such fun! And Liz, if you are ever able to send me a picture of that fabulous crow key hider to share with everyone, we'd all love to see it. And look out for a package in the mail from me!


  1. Congtatulations to Liz!! and a big thanks to Pam for doing this fun contest!! I love seeing everyone's favorite things!

  2. Thank You!!!!!! I am so addicted to soaps and lotions....I can't wait for my prize!! And if I can ever figure out which box I put the key keeper in (I am in the middle of moving!), I will certainly send you a picture!


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