Monday, July 14, 2008

Attack of the Lilliputians

"Come look! We have Lilliputians in our yard!"Lilliputians

It was a few evenings ago and Hubby was trying to round up the kitties to come inside for the night. He had looked out the breakfast nook window and called out for me to come see.

Huh? We have "little people" in our backyard?!?

Like anyone else who's read or even heard of Gulliver's Travels, that's what I was thinking when he made that remark, and what I expected to see (okay, I only halfway expected to see) when he called me over to the window.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Instead, I saw a patch of toadstools that had sprung up in our yard in a matter of a few hours, already reaching heights of 6" or more. They weren't actually little people, but they were pretty neat and unexpected.

Besides, how often do you see a plant that can grow that quickly? I almost wished I could set up a time-lapse to watch the little buggers grow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Instead, I snapped a couple of quick shots to share with you and was intrigued with this little guy's spots. They couldn't be age spots, because he's only a few hours old...hey, how did I get on that subject? We don't want to discuss age spots, we don't even want to think about age spots.

I still haven't figured out the Lilliputians reference that Hubby came up with. Honestly, I was afraid to ask him because he might actually tell me. (*smile*)


  1. We have those too, they are a golden color sort of freaks me out like they are aliens or somethingLOL. They do grow fast and I knock them out just as quick.


  2. Are they growing in a ring of darker grass? If so, it's called a Fairy Ring. My dad told me when I was a little girl, it means the fairies come out at night and dance in a circle on the grass. I still love to think about it.

    Thank you for my award, now I have to figure out what I need to do to get it on my site!! That was really sweet, my first award!!


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