Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Beauty of Aluminum Serveware

Today has been busy; I just finished setting out a selection Bunny serveware of aluminum serveware by Arthur Court Designs. These have arrived just in time for your summer entertaining, or you can tuck a few pieces away to bring out during the holidays. These are new old stock or gently used pieces, and many include their original box.

Bunny cheese plate Most of our pieces are bunny or rabbit themed, but we also have some grapevine themed pieces that coordinate with the bunny pieces nicely. We have bunny-shaped plates with cheese servers, a beautiful water pitcher, three-part divided plates, bread trays, salad serving sets and more.Bunny butter dish

Aluminum products are easy to care for compared to silver but offer that warm hospitable glow, and aren't quite as pricy as pewter. Unlike silver, aluminum serveware does not require regular polishing, but can be brightened with Cape Bunny trivetCod rubbing cloths or other fine silver polishing compounds. Do not put your aluminum serveware in the dishwasher; wash by hand with mild dishwashing soap and dry immediately as you would do with any of your other treasures.

Stop in are limited and when they're gone, they're gone!

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