Friday, July 18, 2008

Better Living Through Chemistry

Remember my kitty Osira? You saw her cute little face peeking from underneath a rug a couple of days ago. That picture was taken back in 2001 when she was a kitten. Pretty kitty.

Osira in the windowFast forward a few years. Osira was happy, really happy. She was spoiled rotten and queen of the household. She was so happy that she'd put on a little weight. Okay, her belly swings from side to side when she walks, but she was really happy. See the fat kitty in the window? Happy kitty.

Fast forward to early spring 2007. Another little black kitty shows up at our back Kitties at the window door. Looks like she could be Osira's little sister. So we feed her. Call her Sissy. Sissy decides to hang around, but she stays outside. Osira seems curious about the new kitty. Good kitty.

Then we find out that Sissy is expecting. Fabulous. She's still just a kitten herself but she's going to be a mommy. So we continue to take care of her...outside. Soon she has her kittens and they are the cutest little bundles of fur that we've ever seen. Who can resist that face? Sweet kitty.

KittenBut then summertime comes and it's oh so very hot. Too hot for kitties. So we start to slowly integrate them into the house while we looked for new homes for them, a little bit longer inside each day. Everything seemed fine. Then all heck broke loose.

Seems that Osira didn't like sharing her humans with other kitties, especially with mommy Sissy. Every time Osira and Sissy were in the same room it was the same thing...hissing, spitting, yowling, puddles on the floor...yuck. Then Osira stopped using the litter box. Absolutely not acceptable behavior. Bad kitty.

We were at our wits' end and took Osira to the vet. Her prescription: Paxil. Yep, she prescribed an antidepressant for our cat. (You should see the looks we get from the pharmacist when we refill the prescription.) We thought it was the craziest thing we'd ever heard of, but we tried it, along with a pheromone diffuser called Feliway that you can plug into an outlet. Soon there was calm in the household. Or at least an armed truce. Both kitties give each other a wide berth and everything seems to go well. Good kitties.

This morning I was getting ready to leave home and nearly had a heart attack. Osira was sitting in her favorite perch on the jungle gym that Hubby built for the kitties (absolutely the best thing he ever built, by the way). Sissy ran up from behind and jumped on the same perch right next to Osira...into her personal space. Bad news. Osira and SissyVery bad news.

I covered my eyes and waited for the fireworks. Hissing, spitting, yowling, etc. Nothing.

So I peeked out from between my fingers and this is what I saw. And then I saw something I never thought I'd ever see: Sissy leaned over and licked the top of Osira's head, just like she would do to one of her kittens. And Osira liked it. Very good kitties!

The moral of the story: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Didn't see the Sun Tzu coming, didja?

By the way, did you notice the pretty fishtail swag curtains and table linens in the first picture? Those are the Mustard Seed pattern from Park Designs. Pop over to our website and you can see more of them. And yes, that was a shameless plug. ;o)


  1. Oh, I love those swags, I'll have to take a look! Loved the kitty story even better though:) They do look like twins!


  2. Thanks, Rondell! I have the table linens and dish towels in that pattern on the website but need to toss in the curtains. I'll do that later this morning. Check back in!

    Oh, and I can get the swags in other patterns too!


  3. What an adorable story and so glad the kittys are now getting along..we have five outside friends and two others that we see just at dinner time, thankfully they have all have either grown up together or are too old to care!!and get along fine ( or as fine as siblings and furry friends can!!)
    thanks for sharing gave me a smile for the afternoon!!

  4. Pam,
    I loved the kitty story! Ours recently had kittens too and our English Bulldog never liked the way the mom cleaned them so he would do it after her! It was so funny!


  5. Gotta love our furry friends, eh? They bring such joy to our lives!


  6. OMG!! I love the kitty story. I have to send this to my mom to read. She has a black, "hellcat" named Sam. Looks just like them. I cannot believe vets prescribe Paxil. This was entertaining AND educational!!


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