Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pics of Some New Arrivals

I was in such a hurry to let you know what we've been bringing in lately that I didn't attach many photos to my post earlier this week. So here's a little preview for you of some of the new things that you'll be seeing in the shop.

First up is the wood firkin that I mentioned. What's a firkin, you ask? It's a small wood barrel, usually covered, that was used for storing foodstuffs. This one is a nice-sized larger firkin, about two or three gallons, that has been elevated with the attachment of a tripod. It may have had an earlier life without the stand, or it may have been intended to have the stand all along to be used as a sewing box. Either way, it's an attractive piece that can be used as an end table with the added bonus of having its own storage.

Next we have some teeny tiny primitive papier mache boxes, only about an inch and a half in diameter, some having rusty stars on top and others having rusty hearts. Either way, they are an adorable fill-in on your shelves or on a table. These are new items that look terrific mixed in with your vintage treasures.

This is a late Victorian washstand whose original marble top (which was probably white) has been replaced with more up-to-date chocolate marble that looks a bit like granite. Although it's called chocolate, it has definitely purple tones, so the Limoges dinnerware with lavender flowers that we set on top of it looks lovely. The washstand has a larger drawer on top, a smaller drawer on bottom, and a compartment in between that was originally used to house your chamberpot. Thank goodness we don't have to use those any more!

And last we have a selection of Polish pottery in assorted patterns. Handmade pottery from Poland has been collected for decades because of its beauty and versatility. Each pattern has its basis in the beauty of peacock feathers and are designed to mix and match. All of the patterns have a creamy base and a large amount of cobalt blue, an ever-popular combination.

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  1. PJ, That firkin looks exactly like one I had 30 years ago and like a dummy let go of it at some point in time (that was pre-primitive for me) I'd snatch that one up if I was close enough to shop your store. And those legs could be detached if desired too..........somebody's gonna be the lucky owner of a neat old firkin!


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