Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Switched to Firefox

I know, this hardly counts as serious discussion about antiques or waxing poetic about primitive home decor, but I have to tell you about my recent switch in web browsers.

Ever since I first stuck a toe out into cyberworld, I've used Microsoft's Internet Explorer. And I've always plugged my ears whenever anyone discussed other web browers. Because I'm loyal, ya know?

The truth is that IE has become excruciatingly slow to use. Silly me, I thought it was just my ISP's crappy speed, but as it turns wasn't! But I persevered and clicked...and waited...and clicked...and waited.

Then I tried to click through a link onto a website and got an error message saying that the website only accepts Firefox users, not IE users. Are they serious, I thought? Turns out, they were.

So I cautiously downloaded Mozilla's Firefox and installed it, all the while crossing my fingers and praying that I wouldn't screw up my laptop in the process.

When I opened the new browser for the first time, it asked me if I wanted to import all of my former browsing information... bookmarks, etc. Wow, that's pretty cool. So I said yes and soldiered on.

And was up. Firefox didn't look that different from IE, you are still on the web after all. So I took the plunge and clicked...and waited as usual. Looked around the room, scratched my head, waited for the page to load.

But's already loaded! So I clicked for another page and was there. Just like that. No waiting, no swearing, no frustration. Just pure web browsing delight.

Have there been drawbacks? Sure. The first thing I noticed is that I can't see my pretty blog background when I'm using Firefox. Seems like other people have that problem too, but it works both ways (some can see certain pictures in Firefox but not in IE). And I don't have my options to dress up my text in a forum that I participate in daily. But I'm willing to trade these two petty annoyances for the speed that I get with Firefox.

So I'm a convert. And I'm converting as many others as I can, because that's what converts do.

I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do, not because I'm being paid to say nice things about Firefox, because I'm not. I'm not a family member of a Mozilla officer and I'm not a stockholder. I'm just a regular Joe...I mean Jane...who's tickled pink at her new toy.

Wanna join me? You can download Firefox for free at

I'm betting you'll be tickled pink too.

UPDATE: I learned how to fix the html code in my blog so that my background shows up in Firefox. And my sweet friend Cheryl helped me with the forum text editing problem. Hooray!


  1. PJ I've used Firefox for a few years now you are going to LOVE it! I RARELY use IE!! - to keep it all moving fast, be sure to run your spyware programs often!!

    and I have a "fix" for your forum LOL - you can still purdy up your posts and text (I do) - you need the "add-on" greasemonkey - then you can do even MORE than all the IE ladies do! LOL - I'll get you the link in a bit

  2. Ooh, thanks Cheryl! I'd love to have that link.


  3. Glad you got it all fixed up!!


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