Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Friends at Crockett's Country Store

People sometimes ask how an antique dealer like me got interested in new primitive home decor. The whole reproduction concept kind of goes against the grain of the true-blue antique lovers. It's really quite's all Betty's fault. CrockettsCountryStore
You see, Betty and Dan are the proprietors of Crockett's Country Store in Wytheville, Virginia. Hubby and I stopped in looking for some neat gifts while we were on a quickie vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains and as soon as I walked into their shop I fell in love with it. The smells, the warmth, the downright home-i-ness of it just touched my heart.
The truth of the matter is that I went in the store while Hubby waited in the car. He wandered in about an hour later wondering what in the world had happened to me and found me deep in conversation with Betty. It was another two hours before he could drag me away because Betty and I were having so much fun. She and Dan are just absolute sweethearts and when she saw she had a convert in me, she swooped in for the kill.

You see, we primitive lovers are a tight-knit group. You all know that, right? And we love bringing new blood into the fold, so to speak. And that's exactly what Betty did when she saw the look on my face when I walked into her shop.
Since then we've become good friends and Betty has taken me under her wing, teaching me everything a shopkeeper needs to know about being primitive in a contemporary world. I'm having so much fun at the shop mixing the new primitive goodies with my antique furniture and vintage kitchenware. It's such good synergy, a wonderful blend, and I owe it all to Betty.
So if you're in the Wytheville area, right around the I-77 and I-81 interchange, pop off the exit and stop in to see Betty and Dan at 475 East Main Street. Or if you're doing your shopping with a mouse rather than a Mustang, you can check them out here. If you love primitives like I do, you'll be glad you did!
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  1. oh Pam, what a nice write up on 2 great shops!!!
    Love you both!


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