Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cool New Blogger Feature

Blogger recently came out with a new widget that you can put on your sidebar to show off your blog's "followers". A little different from a "blog list", it displays the photo of bloggers who have added your blog to their "Following" feature (which is Blogger's answer to blog subscription services like Bloglines or Google Reader).

Here's what my "Followers" widget looks like in my left sidebar:


Follow this blog

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2 Followers Manage

Only two "official" followers, but I think that there are one or two more of you out there who read my blog. The two who show up here are the ones who have gone to their Blogger Dashboard, noticed that there is a new "Reading List" feature there, and started adding their favorite blogs to it, thus making themselves official "followers" of that blog.

So I took the time to start adding my favorite blogs to my Blogger "Reading List" (which means that I will now show up on their "Followers" list). And then I noticed that I actually have several "favorite blogs" lists. Argghhh!

In order to keep all my blog lists current, when I find a new blog that I want to follow I copy their blog's URL and add it to my Bloglines account (this is the blog reader that I've been using and still prefer so far). Then I add the blog to my blog sidebar so that everyone else can see that I love that blog. And now I'm taking one more step and adding the blog to my "Reading List" so that I will show up as a follower on their blog. Make sense?

Oh, and the little photos of your followers? They're clickable...just click and you'll be taken to their blogger profile.

If you'd like to see your picture or icon on my sidebar, go to your Blogger Dashboard and add my blog to your list. Then add the "Followers" widget to your own'll probably see my icon there!

By the way, how many blogs are on your reading list? Mine's up into the mid-40s by now...thank goodness not everyone posts every day!

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  1. Bloglines won't work for me. I signed up,waited for the verification email, none came. Had them resend it - after making sure I have them added to my safe ist and making sure my email address was correct and still no email so I can't get any further with them. Emails to their customer support come back with a 'we'll get back to you message" and nothing. LOL I give up.

    I lost count on my blog roll - I too am glad not everyone updates every day.

    I am not too sure I want to use this new feature. Still thinking about it.

  2. I read your blog every time you post-I put you on my Google Reader-I love Google Reader! I have probably close to a 100 blogs on it-Only about 25 are actual blogs that I make comments on though~
    Have a great Sunday Pam-We are going hiking in the mountains later today-The leaves are changing colors already here! The sun is shining and the skies are blue! :)

  3. Robin -

    I forgot to tell you...the "Reading List" has a link that you can go directly to your Google Reader with the blogs that you've added. This means that you can read new blog posts either through Blogger's Reading List or click through it to your Google Reader.


  4. You were my first follower and that is how I found out about this feature! I posted about it yesterday, plus I added all of my blogging buddies, but I still only have a few followers, lol...I guess it will take time to catch on! Thanks for following me!

    Bella :)

  5. I need to check this out more. I'm so computer stupid, I'm more afraid of my computer than anything. Maybe I'll take the time to conquer my fear and do something correctly this time. lol

  6. Linda -

    So sorry you're having trouble with's always worked well for me. I like it because you can download their Notifier that shows up in your Quick Start bar at the bottom of your Internet browser. Its icon changes when you have new blog posts to read and you just click on the icon and it brings up your blog list. No annoying email notifications...hooray!!!

    The reasons that I posted about the Followers widget are: (a) I added it to my sidebar and figured that people are probably wondering what in the heck it is; and (b) it's nice to learn about new widgets, whether they are something that's right for you or not.

    In any case, you, my dear, are on ALL of my blog lists! LOL


  7. I saw your blog on another blog and had to stop by. Your posting was so informative and I have never seen the followers interesting! What a great blog..I will be back!

    -Sandy Toes

  8. Hi, Pam ...thanks for stopping by.....I'll add you to my list. I may try the bloglines...if I can figure it out.....I'm still pretty new at this!


  9. I have been waiting for this. Mine says it's still in the experimental stages. I will be glad when it's available for me.


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