Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Goodies For You

Both Saturday and today were very busy at the shop. Several pieces of furniture left to find new homes, which gives me the opportunity to bring in new goodies for you.

How about this antique sewing machine? Sewing machine It has the prettiest drawer pulls on those graceful rounded drawers. It got a little "primmed" up today as I was moving things around.


Being a book-lover, I can't resist an antique bookcase and barrister's bookcases like this three-stack are my favorite. You can lower the glass fronts on the shelves or push them back; either way it looks gorgeous! And obviously, they're not just for books.

Notice the tent-top lantern? It's a new addition as well; just came in last week. It looks so pretty with a bittersweet candle ring inside.

New fall table

We have a 1980's vintage farmhouse table  and six Windsor-style chairs that I moved up front today and decorated for fall. This set may not be antique or primitive, but the primitive goodies look great on its pretty golden oak finish top.


  1. I love that bookcase! Now I want one :)

    Your fall decor is beautiful, too.

    Bella :)

  2. Hi Pam,
    I just LOOOOOVE all your fall goodies on the table in the last picture! I feel like I have been absent from blogging because I have been so busy with my blog, mom's blog and the Etsy store (along with getting kids ready for school and taking care of my home, making a new office/craft room-ugh)
    I'm hoping to get things settled and spend more time checking out your blog and others. I just love your store.
    Oh yeah, I think Mom's computer went Kapuut! I've been working with her on the phone trying to get it up and running again so if you don't hear from her that is why!
    Take Care,

  3. Love the farm table and chairs in your last pic and also the neat prim things on top.

  4. First time visitor from Bella's site. Wow, such a beautiful store...sorry I missed the give away.

  5. Wow I am loving your shop to! My MIL lives in Matthews, so the next time we visit I will go see you. On second thought I will let husband and kids off in Matthews and I will head to your place, LOL!
    I make all of the handmades in my shop (you were asking). I can't wait to get my goodie box and show them off Beth


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