Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh how I love handmades!

My delivery guy brought in a box for me today and did it ever smell good! I couldn't wait to tear into the box and check out the new pretties that my creative friend Deb made for my shop.

How cute! Look at these adorable Halloween "cookies"! Pumpkin cookies We have two different kinds: the jack-o-lantern faces in bright cheery orange, and the kitty cat faces. Bet you can guess which ones are my favorites?Black cat cookies They originally came in a cellophane bag as a set of six, but I couldn't resist pulling them out and arranging them on a plate. They have been priced individually so you can choose how many you'd like to take home.

She also sent me a fabulous Cherry piecherry pie, and does it ever smell wonderful! It's full-sized  with big red cherries on top and is even in a real pie pan! It smells like the real thing and is making me very, very hungry!

Prairie doll She also made up some little prairie dolls. Each has a different dress and is the perfect size to tuck into a basket.  I love their primitive "bonnets" and the tea-stained tag printed "1823" that she added to each doll. And look how nice they are when you arrange a few in a row?     

Trio of prairie dolls

Prim kittyI want to cuddle up with this little primitive kitty. Once again, he's the purrfect size to tuck into a basket or sit on a small shelf.

Quantities are limited, so stop in soon to see all of the handmades that just came in before they're all gone.


  1. Oh my goodness my favorite are the pumpkins...She really does wonderful work!

  2. They are all so neat, I love the cat cookies and the prim dolls:)

  3. Hi Pam, first of all, your "I have to go" story was priceless! And not to worry, we've all been there!

    I just love your new handmades! I know they'll be a hit in your shop... who could resist!

    Have a great day, Kimberly

  4. those are all sooo neat!!!!! i love the Dolls! awesome! looks like a lot of the things my mom makes!

  5. I love the prairie dolls! They look so cute in the bowl! She does amazing work!

  6. What sweet goodies! The cookies look good enough to eat!

  7. Linda, I'm seriously afraid that someone might try to take a bite out of one. I'm watching the door like a hawk in case a mom comes in with a four-year-old that looks hungry! LOL

  8. Love your new fall items...talented person. The cookies look so WOW!

    I am so excited to get my package...I can not wait. I am just like a kid at Christmas. I have been wanting this candle for quite sometime now. So that explains my excitement.

    Thanks Again,


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