Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Willow Tree Offerings

Pam of Baskets N Prims had asked me to fill her in on Willow Tree's 2008 introductions because she would like to find a new one for a Christmas present. Rather than reply only to Pam, I thought I'd post a general message in case anyone else was curious. So here's the rundown of the latest Willow Tree items that I currently have in stock.

New Willow Tree ornaments
This is one of the new metal-edged ornaments that just came out for this Christmas. Each comes in an attractive gift pack (small enough to fit into a stocking). There are five different ornaments available (the one pictured is "Thinking of You") that are versions of five of their most popular figurines. These are petite ornaments, about 2" tall, so they will work for either large Christmas trees or tabletop trees.

Anniversary 2
The Anniversary figurine is a couple that is somewhat older but obviously still deeply in love. The enclosure card for this figurine reads "Love ever endures".

Brother and Sister 2
Brother and Sister is my favorite of this year's new figurines. It shows a boy and girl seated; she seems animated, he looks patient...so cute! It reminds me so much of my two children. The enclosure card for this figurine reads "By my side".

Healing Grace
Healing Grace is a lovely new figurine. Her crossed arms and tilted head are so eloquent. The enclosure card reads "May a quiet strength bring you grace". I recommend this one for folks who are searching for something suitable for someone who has recently fallen ill or had an unfavorable diagnosis. It represents sympathy, hope, and caring in a loving and positive way. I'm sure it's no mistake that her arms are crossed in the American Sign Language sign for "love".

Child's Touch shows a mother and child, A Mothers Touchthe mother seated on the floor and the child with its arms uplifted to its mother's face. The child can be seen as either a boy or girl; it seems to represent a toddler of either gender. The enclosure card reads "For those who share in the wonder of a child's world". This is a wonderful gift for either a mother, grandmother, or a caregiver; it seems equally appropriate for any of these.
Willow Tree Twins
Two Together is a pair of very small figurines, some of the cutest that Willow Tree has come out with in my opinion. There's been a definite need for a Willow Tree figurine for mothers of twins and this one certainly fits the bill! The enclosure card says "Love in abundance".

Guardian came out late in the summer, Guardian a perfect representation of a caregiver. It depicts a woman seated on a pedestal, knees lifted, cradling an infant lovingly to her chest. Once again, appropriate for a mother, godmother, or a very special babysitter. The enclosure card reads "Love and protect thee, forever".

For those of you who'd rather shop online, you can check out our Willow Tree offerings in our online store...just click here.

Hope this helps!
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  1. Pam, I would like to order A Child's Touch with the mother & toddler, please. Send me an email @
    basketpam@gmail.com with a paypal request or however you do it. Thanks a bunch.

    ~ Pam

  2. No problem, Pam! I'll email you directly.

  3. Very nice, as smells the banana nut bread melt in my warmer at this moment!


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