Sunday, December 7, 2008

Choosing Just The Right Profile Picture

Recently Hubby and I have created Facebook profiles and have been connecting with family and friends -- some that we see only once every year or two, and others that we haven't seen in decades.

His niece Alana has been ragging on him about not having a photo in his Facebook profile, so I thought I'd be proactive and give Hubby a little help. We've taken a few pictures over the last six months, mostly when we've been traveling and at family weddings, so I had a few to choose from (mostly cropped from larger group photos).

Here's the first one that I came up with. Not bad, but it looks like he's just pushed his chewing gum to the side of his mouth.

Myron's profile pic

So I came up with a better one. Doesn't look like he has anything in his mouth in this one. And he's actually...gasp!...smiling!

Myron's profile pic 2

This one's my favorite; a candid shot, just perfect I thought. I needed to get a manicure before one of the weddings, and talked him into getting one too. Here he is under the dryer:

Myron's profile pic 3

Oh man, is he gonna KILL me!

Bwah ha ha ha ha!

Pam siggie 2


  1. LoL Pam! I'd say go with the smiling one!

  2. LMBO! Use the smiling one on facebook and the manicure pic as a tool of bribery when you want him to clean out the garage ;)

  3. LOL OMG Pam, does he read your blog?! Steve would kill me if I posted something like that! LOL

  4. Obviously Hubby doesn't read my blog; after all, I'm not suicidal here! LOL

    I keep telling him he should read my blog but he insists that he "doesn't have time".

    Such a shame...LOL

  5. LOLOL Thanks I needed that laugh.
    Very handsome hubby.....I vote for the
    first picture. Hugs ~ Connie xox

  6. That is so stinkin' funny! When I take any photos at all of anything my husband now ALWAYS says, "Do you plan on putting that on your blog?"
    AND if it's a photo of him he says, "Do not put that on your blog!"
    I think both the first and second photos of your husband are great.

  7. I am still laughing over that last photo - the perfect facebook photo! ha,ha!!

  8. Okay, I'll answer the question first....definitely the second picture. But I am so glad I came across your blog.....I live in Rock Hill! I have been looking for a prim store, didn't realize one was in Charlotte. We'll be up there soon. And bring my friends!

  9. PAM are you still there or did hubby see the manicure photo! LOL TOo cute!! I go with the smiling obe too - he looks a lot like my hubby did 5 years ago!!

  10. HA HA! i am glad you have FACEBOOK cuz we are buddies on there, too ♥


    i love the picture of him with his NAILS DRYING!!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh, such a handsome man! I love the manicure photo...does he do the dishes with those hands????


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