Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finally...a day off!

After seven weeks of having the shop open for seven days a week, I finally have a day off! Spent the morning reading the newspaper, doing laundry, and cleaning up some of the Christmas clutter. Sat down to finish up the book that I've been reading, and found that I couldn't hold my eyes open (gee...I don't know why!).

Managed to sneak in an hour's nap before the phone rang and woke me up. Then I started editing and resizing all the photos from Christmas, the majority of which were taken by Baby Girl with her new fancy camera that her dad gave her for Christmas. (Can you tell I'm jealous? Hubby saw me coveting it; I hope he's taken note for my birthday...)

Being the sweet girl that she is, Baby Girl let me take a few pics and I thought I'd share a few.

Here's Baby Girl:

And both of my babies:

And one Baby Girl took of me:

Me laughing

And here's one of the family that you didn't see earlier:

Hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend!

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  1. What a sweet family you have!! It's so nice to 'meet' them all!

    Enjoy your very well deserved time off!

  2. Aw you bunch of crazies! Love the family photo! Great looking kids! Of course they really had no other choice, I mean look at you! sheesh!

  3. Pam, your kids are so cute & you are just gorgeous. What a wonderful family picture. I'm glad you got a day off, finally.


  4. Finally a day glad for you! I love those naps but I get to have very few unless I come down with a cold!

    Your family is just like it!

  5. hi, I have been visiting tonight and came across your blog. Thought I should say Hi from one Pam to another. Great family pictures. How did you ever get everyone to be so still (o: Come visit me.

  6. You have a big beautiful family, you are soooo blessed.

  7. Hah, first time I've seen that picture... love Matt


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