Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Last of the Christmas Decorating

I promise, this is my last post this year about Christmas decor!

There are two more Christmas ornaments that I'd like to share with you; both have special meaning for me.

The first came from my crazy girlfriend Trainwreck  who writes Cowboys, Kids & Sunsets. She sent me this ornament as part of a Halloween gift swap and I love it! See how pretty it looks on my tree? And no, TW, I did NOT sell the ornament in my shop, even though plenty of people asked! LOL

Kim's ornament

The other is an unusual peapod ornament from my friend Becky; we are part of an online group of girls that calls itself "Two Peas in the Pod". Becky found the perfect ornament and sent one to each of the girls in the group. Thanks, Becky!

Pea ornament

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Pam siggie 2


  1. Pam,
    I love both but especially the pea pod!
    Have a wonderful Christmas♥

  2. HAHAHAHA! I love you! You are too cute. I knew when I read your comment it would be about your ornament! It looks great! I am glad it is on such a fabulous friends tree. I am sending "Best Wishes" that you get all you want for Christmas.Love the peas in a pod. So fun. Thanks for the special picture just for me. ((hugs)) You are welcome to have a Marg with us any time.

  3. Love that peas in pod - so clever!!

  4. Such special ornaments, Pam, and I love the pea pod. Have a wonderful Christmas.


  5. I love seeing all your ornaments! The peapod is so unique and great!

  6. Wow what a gorgeous tree you have! I found your blog from my friend Merrianne. You have such great taste!

  7. Cute ornaments! Special gifts from special friends-are the best!


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