Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Christmas Decorating

Like I thought, the new camera made it much easier to take low-light shots for you last night. Here's the entire Christmas tree with its hodge-podge of ornaments:

Christmas tree 2008 2

This is one of the iridescent glass icicles that I brought home from the shop. I think I might have to bring the rest of them home too...I really like them. They have the cutest little glass charms at the top; this one has a dove.

Glass icicle

Here's another glass ornament that I love, Santa with his bag of presents. For the life of me I can't remember where I got him from, but I always go "Ooooohh...." when I pick him up out of the ornament box each Christmas.

Crystal Santa

This is one of several white porcelain ornaments that I bought when shopping in Hickory with my mother-in-law back in the early 80's. That shopping trip is a fond memory that I have of times spent with her.

Porcelain teddy bear

And one more of various ornaments:

Various ornaments

Here's our mantel; I guess you can tell that I went minimalist this year.

Mantel at Christmas

And...just because...here's our old lady Osira under the Christmas tree.

Osira under the Christmas tree - best

Happy Holidays, my friends!

Pam siggie 2


  1. Great ornaments! and i like the minimalist look on your mantle - those dark stockings look perfect! and of course a kitty under the tree (my cat's favorite spot!)

  2. What a beautiful tree! You are missing an ornament though... did you end up selling it? lol, just playin. I love the icicle! Hopefully we will get our tree this week...

  3. Pam it's all just wonderful!!!

    Kix spend most of his days under our tree too! LOL


  4. What a beautiful Christmas Tree :)
    The little tree ornaments are just beautiful!


  5. Oh Gosh your tree is beautiful!!! Now can you come and do mine???

  6. I tagged you Pam!

    I think you may have already done this one though now that I think about it! LOL



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