Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rumors of My Death...

...are greatly exaggerated! LOL

Just thought I'd check in to let you all know that Hubby hasn't strangled me yet over the Facebook profile picture. In fact, this will give you an idea of just how comfortable in his own skin my dear Hubby is.

SCENE: Our home office

TIME: Last evening

Me: I've come up with some ideas for your profile pic for Facebook. Wanna see them?

Him: If I haaaaave to. (slowly shuffles to the computer and looks over my shoulder)

(I pull up yesterday's blog post on the computer)

Me: Here's the first one. You only have one vote for that one so far.

Him: Hmph. (looks closer at the computer)

Me: Here's another one. I think you look better in this one. You have several votes for this one.

Him: Oh no. (horror on his face when comprehension sets in)

Me: Here's my pick. You have one vote for this one.

Him: Funny, real funny. You're an absolute riot. (over his shoulder as he walks away)

That's my guy; he's a pretty darned good sport. I love him to pieces and think I'll keep him!

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  1. Glad to see your still alive after posting that last one! My husband definately would have killed me - no questions asked! It was too funny though!

  2. So funny...what a sweetie he is:0

  3. LOL - so he not only looks like my hubby 5 years ago(or maybe 10?) sans moustache but he sounds like him too! LOL Glad he didn't mind!!

  4. Very funny:) If I can do it still, I think I vote for the last one too:) Have a great day! <3Lauren

  5. You are still alive-yay! LoL! Funny girl!
    ~Tam :D

  6. You are soo cute! Hey, I do hope you got my last E mail answering your E mail...I've been told lately that my E mail is not sending my letters out!


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