Sunday, December 14, 2008

Confession Time

This time of year is always tough for shopkeepers like me; this year is no exception. We do most of our annual business during the period that runs from Halloween to New Year's, and tiny one-woman shops like mine are a little stretched.

Today marks the end of four weeks of seven-day weeks at the shop, only broken by Thanksgiving Day. When you don't have an official weekend (or even a day off), you start to lose track of simple day of the week is it? When's the last time I did my laundry? Is there any food in the house?

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting here in my jammies, looking at my Christmas tree that (thank goodness!) is actually UP, but is looking a little forlorn since it only has about a dozen ornaments on it so far.

I're thinking, "Her Christmas tree isn't decorated yet?!? Tsk, tsk. No wonder she hasn't shared pics with us."

Baby Girl and I put the tree up the night before Thanksgiving and when we took a moment to pat ourselves on the backs for being so industrious, we realized that we were pooped and decided to do the actual decorating later. She went back to college, I've been working seven days a week, so the tree is still bare.

Day before yesterday I couldn't stand it any longer and started putting ornaments on it after I got home from the shop. Then Hubby came home, dinner was being prepared, and the decorating was aborted once again.

How you girls do all that you do is completely beyond my comprehension. I look at the pictures of your beautifully decorated homes and do they do that? You gals are definitely my heroes!

Baby Girl comes home tomorrow for Christmas and my goal is to have that &#$@#$# tree decorated before she gets here. Oh, and put out the Christmas placemats and pull out the Christmas china. That would be nice too.

First I have to haul myself upstairs, take a shower, get dressed, and open the shop for four hours this afternoon. Then when I get home, it's definitely going to be decorating time. Maybe I'll even throw in a load of laundry while I'm doing it. And I'm definitely pouring myself a teensy glass of wine.

Wish me luck!

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  1. It is difficult to squeeze decorating in - you have my sympathies! I only decorated our log cabin (our vacation home.) I'm not bothering to put up a tree in our "regular" home. Hope you post pics once you're finished! P.S. Muse Swings (who I listed on my log cabin blog) is having a Christmas in Bloggyland tour if you want to sign up - everyone is showing their homes,recipes, poetry - whatever they want to show.

  2. I don't know how you do it Pam-I don't work and I am STILL have problems getting everything done. Maybe it's my carefree attitude this year? :)
    I think when someone decorates and trims a tree they should enjoy it! So yes, put a load of laundry in, pour yourself a glass of wine, put on some Christmas music and have fun finishing that tree-THEN post some photos! :)
    We saw tons of people JUST getting their trees yesterday (you are not behind)
    Have a great day~We got snow and freezing weather in Seattle yesterday-It's crazy! BUT I'm loving it!

  3. Whew! Thanks, Robin, I feel a little better now. You always come through for me!

  4. Pam i just got my tree decorated last week, still have more decorating to do.
    You are not the only one girl! I agree pour that glass of wine and enjoy your decorating! Have fun!

  5. LoL-Pam! You poor girl! I remember what that is like-I used the be a manager of a store for almost five years. Those were some tough weeks to get through-for us it was from back to school all the way through the holidays-uuggh! I hardly did any Christmas decorating during those years. In fact this weekend we did finally get a lot more decorating done-my youngest said mom this is the most we have done for a long time! Yep he's right and it felt great-only because I am not working and am not as exhausted now. Don't be so hard on yourself girl!

  6. Bless your heart Pam:) This is the exact reason I do my decorating so early...I know I won't have time later in the season to do it all! But who cares when its done?! Just don't make it a chore...decorating should be fun, no matter when its done! So I hope you had fun today decorating..just not TOO much know..with that wine and all:) haha! <3Lauren

  7. Pam you are way ahead of me. I don't even put one up at the house, after putting up 10-12 at the store who wants to look at them at home. Maybe one day when I retire and I get bored I will decorate the house again. So hope baby girl gets to see the house all decorated and the fine china out when she gets hom.

  8. I know how you feel...last I decided the tree needed more so I started with bolts of ribbon and only got three bows on...just was to tired to go any further:) Oh, well:)
    Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed the wine.


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