Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Award Poll Final Tally

After a week of voting for how we feel about blog awards, the poll is closed. Here's how the numbers stood shortly after the poll was begun:


And here are the final numbers:


Surprisingly enough, the results changed very little as more people voted.

As a result of the votes, I changed my blog's status to "award-free" and noticed that some others have too. Others are still exchanging awards and having fun with that, which is wonderful as well.

One of the reasons that I asked the question to begin with was because I was confused as to which bloggers liked exchanging awards, and which didn't. Thanks to the ingenuity of Olde Dame Penniwig and some other creative bloggers, we now have graphics that we can display on our blogs to make our award status more apparent.

All in all, I think this was a fun exercise and a tribute to the camaraderie and goodwill that exist in Blogland. That we can peacefully agree to disagree is impressive. Way to go, girls!


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  1. Maybe Dame P will come up with an "Award Free~Tag Free" icon *smiles*

  2. So are we "free" as in "burn the bra" free? (Wow, wouldn't THAT be nice?!?)

    Have a great day, Pam!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  3. I'd love to do a bra-free blog...hey, maybe I'd get a bigger following? Unfortunately, me going bra-free would NOT be a pretty picture, so don't hold your breath! LOL

  4. That was an interesting poll! I have mixed feelings about the whole award thing. I mean who doesn't love getting kudos from blogging buddy's. But on the other hand I understand the reasons why some don't want to "play". I have not made my mind up yet-LoL! Hope you are having an awesome day!~Tam:D

  5. Oh no I will not be doing a bra free blog either! Someone might loose an eye!!

    I am so glad you brought this up and it was done so well too. It got a much better reception this time around and now that so many have been blogging for awhile, they changed their tune about awards. It's nice to see right away on blogs if they are award free.

  6. I think it was very nicely said too! Just don't have the time for them anymore what with watching the girls twice a week and then taking Sydney to school on Monday's and Friday's:)

    The bra thing?
    Have a good evening Pam!

  7. I'm so glad you took this poll! I was beginning to think I was a scrooge about these awards!


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