Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally, some snow!

Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, snow is an oddity. We get just a few paltry inches of the white stuff each year, and most of us welcome it with open arms.

It started snowing around midnight, and when I looked out my back door this morning, this is what I saw.

January 09 snow 5

We had been expecting up to six inches, but only got about two. Still, it was pretty and closed the schools for the day (and gave me a good excuse to stay home and catch up with housework). As I'm writing this post in the afternoon, the sun is out and the snow is melting. Such is winter in our part of the world.

But for a short time, it was magical.

Irish Lace

Snow fell late last night while we slept.
Its silence kept
us from waking
up and watching

lacy doilies float down without
a sound, no doubt
to mask and blur
scars of nature

the way Grandmother's crochet hides
on holidays
our old table's
weathered veneer.

(Hey, if they can schedule poetry reading into the inauguration, I can bore you one with of mine! LOL)

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  1. Well, it wasnt the blizzard I was hoping for. Y'all got alot more than we did. Shoot, if I could call ours a dusting that's what I would call it. We did however get a school day. By 12 PM it was all gone.

    As you said, so it goes around these parts.

  2. You have a wonderful big backyard out there! Congrats on your "dusting" of snow. Let me know if you'd like the extra 10 feet I have in my driveway! LOL!

  3. Great poem! I love it when it snows too. There is something so magical about it. I especially like it while it is falling, everything becomes very peaceful! But I will admit when we got hit so hard for so long and we are not used to that it did wear on us. Especailly when we couldn't get our trash picked up or mail delivered-that added to our cabin fever we all got! Have fun while it last! Enjoy your day off Smiles~Tam!

  4. Oh Tammy, so sorry you didn't get more snow. I'll be you'll get more than us next time!

    Shelley, send some of yours our way, and push a little extra in Tammy's direction!

    Tam, I know that I'll get tired of it once we move out your way. But I figure the first winter will be fun! ;o)

  5. Nice back yard Pam!
    Still nothing but sunshine for Seattle-Going to go hiking tomorrow and might take the baby. :)
    Enjoy the snow if it's not all melted already! It is beautiful!

  6. Snow really is beautiful. It's even more beautiful when I can observe it from inside not having to go to work. heehee. I liked the poem. In fact I'm going to send your link to a friend who I think will LOVE this poem!

  7. I'm just plain sick of snow myself...it just last sooo long up here!


  8. Sadly, I've only got one little corner of the yard with some snow left where the sun doesn't hit:( But wasn't it nice this morning! Unfortunately, I still had classes today...Jimmy made fun of me in that I'm a wife, mother, and adult..yet I still pray for snow days hehe:) Hope you enjoyed the snow as much as we did!

  9. I was so happy to see the snow. We got 5 inches and had the best time playing yeaturday!

  10. Glad you got the snow you wanted! If you could use more I can send you some! LOL

  11. Love your snow pics, tomorrow they will be history, its nearly gone already.....ahhh, but we have pics in case we forget....we can look.

  12. Oh...I am jealous! They promised us snow here in Georgia...but we didn't get a flake around here! I would like at least one good snow this winter!...Debbie

  13. Pam - wasn't the snow beautiful! Even if it only lasted for a day! My kids were so excited to get out of school and then to be on a 2 hour delay today!
    Take care!


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