Friday, January 16, 2009

I love my new coffeemaker!

This past Christmas, Hubby and I decided that rather than buying each other gifts, we'd buy a "together" gift instead. He had been trying out a Keurig coffeemaker at work and was raving about the coffee, so we decided to give one to ourselves for Christmas. If you're a reader of Pioneer Woman's blog, you know that she's a fan of Keurig too, so I'd already been familiar with their products through her. The Keurig coffeemakers brew a fresh cup of gourmet coffee, tea, or cocoa in less than a minute.

We picked out Keurig'smodel B60 Special Brewing System, set it up on our kitchen counter, and started enjoying various wonderful by-the-cup coffees. Keurig uses pre-measured portions in individual plastic cups called K-cups, which are available in many different varieties of gourmet coffee, tea, and cocoa, usually sold in boxes of 18 or 24. This model has a 48-oz. removable water reservoir and gives you a choice of 3 different cup sizes, including a 9.25-ounce serving for a travel cup (I use this one the most). See the little tray at the bottom where your cup rests? It slides away to give you ample room for the tallest travel cups.

A sampler pack of K-cups was included with our coffeemaker, and we dove in with glee! We took note of which we liked and which we didn't, then ordered more directly from Keurig. Their service was quick and efficient, and they offer a Coffee Club rewards program that rewards you for repeat purchases. Their large 24-cup box prices averaged $12.55 (or 52 cents per K-cup) after a club discount of 10% with the purchase of four or more boxes, plus they offer free ground shipping for orders over $45, and a free sampler pack when you buy six large boxes.

That first order was slurped up in no time, especially since Baby Girl was home from college over the holidays and liked the new coffeemaker as much as we did. Hubby had heard from a co-worker about a coffee service called CoffeeCow, so we tried them for our second order. Their large boxes averaged $10.99 (or 46 cents per K-cup), they provide free ground shipping for orders over $75, and they offer a "cow bucks" when you order $100 or more which equate to a discount of 5% off your current order to be applied to your next order. One problem...I really didn't care for their website; I had to scroll to the bottom of the page for information with each new page I viewed.

Then I found another K-cup provider called that I'll be trying with our next order. Their large boxes averaged $9.98 (or 42 cents per K-cup), they provide free ground shipping for orders over $60, and they offer a free 12-pack of seasonal K-cups when you place a $75 or more K-cup order.

If we had it to do all over again,we would have gone up a level on the Keurig coffeemaker and purchased their model B70 Platinum edition. It has a 60-ounce water reservoir, four brewing sizes, and Quiet Brew technology (the pumps on all of these individual serving coffeemakers are a bit noisy when the pump is pulling water).

If you purchase a Keurig for your home, be sure to try their teas and cocoa too. My favorite teas are the Mandarin Orange Spice and the Lemon Zinger. Yummy!

Oh, I forgot to tell you the best more cleaning up messy filters and coffee grounds. After brewing, simply lift the lid, pull out your used K-cup, and throw away...that's it!

Having previously tried the Senseo and Melitta at the shop (and returning them both), I can honestly say that the Keurig is the best single-serve coffeemaker that I've tried. And I think you'll like it too!


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  1. That Pioneer Woman sures knows a lot about a lot of things doesn't she? I would love to spend the week with her. Why are there some women who can run non stop, never tire and can do a little bit of everything unlike me who does a lot of nothing? heehee. Your coffee pot looks like quite the machine. The hubby and I have yet to acquire a coffee thing YET. How did you like the Wally Lamb novel?

  2. Lisa, I agree...PW makes me tired just thinking about all she does! LOL

    I wasn't sure what you meant about the Wally Lamb novel, and then it occurred to me that it must have popped up in the Great Book Deals from box. Honestly, I've never read any of Wally Lamb's books. Do you think I should?

  3. I am so glad you reviewd this for us and now I know someone with first hand experience. I have often wondered about the single cup brewing machines.

  4. Sounds good!!! - I LOOOOVE my Bunn though, I drink WAY to much to wait for a serving at a time LOL The Bunn makes a whole post in about a min - it stores hot water in the back.

    But this Keurig sure sounds interesting...hmmmmmm


  5. I've never used a single cup brewing machine but it's good to know that you like it if I ever decide to go there. I drink way to much coffee myself but this would be great for brewing other drinks like cocoa and tea by the cup.

  6. Ummm, I wonder if I'd drink less or more coffee this way?

  7. I am curious.Can one still use ones own ceramic mugs with this coffee maker? We have SO many mugs that I'd hate to start using plastic cups.

  8. Cassie, the plastic cups I was talking about are the small containers that hold the coffee grounds...see the ones sitting around the coffeemaker in the second pic? You use whatever mug you'd like to hold your coffee.

  9. That's a good looking coffee pot. Brewing probably wouldn't work for us because my dear picky husband prefers instant over brewed lol!

    Thanks for your prayers this week :)

  10. I like the idea of together gifts! (My hubby is trying to convince on a pontoon boat right now - lol!) And this coffee maker would be great - especially when guests come over.

  11. Hey Pam! Just stopping by to say hello and wish you a nice weekend!~Tam :D

  12. I'm so happy to read this post. I've been wanting one for the longest because my husband and I cannot agree on how we like our coffee and have to make two seperate pots. I saw in the paper this morning that Kohl's has the one you purchased on sale. I think I'll pick one up tomorrow.


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