Thursday, January 15, 2009

No More Blog Awards For Me

The response to the blog award poll has been amazing! Little did I know there were such strong feelings out in Blogland about the blog award issue. I'd like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to either vote in the poll or leave a comment; big hugs to you who took the time to do both! The thought that went into the comments was surprising and much appreciated.

At this writing there have been 30 votes on the poll in my sidebar, breaking down as follows:


You can see that I put the more positive end of the spectrum in blue, the more negative end in burgundy, and purple is the middle ground. Roughly 1/4 of the people who responded to the poll were "thumbs up", while nearly half were "thumbs down" on the blog award issue. It's not a scientific poll, so don't be upset with me if I misread any intentions when you voted; this is just how I viewed the voting results. I'll leave the poll in the sidebar for a few more days in case others would like to participate.

Some interesting suggestions were made in the comments, including offering awards with no "strings", or designating your blog as an award-free zone. After seeing the poll results so far, I'm going with the latter option and am putting up a graphic that will help folks know that I no longer participate in awards. I'm also removing the awards that I had previously posted in my sidebar, but would like to send out a huge thank-you to those who had awarded them to me.

Another interesting suggestion was "blogging without obligation". I'd like to amend it a little for my own use. In future, I'll be considering my area of Blogland as a "duty-free blog zone"...a place where I can share and enjoy without feeling the weight of "duty" in participating.

Olde Dame Penniwig imagehas been kind enough to draw up some graphics for those who wish to declare their blogs "award-free". I particularly liked this one, which she described as "naughty" (Penny, old gal, you're a hoot!). As much as I'd like to use that one, I think I'll go a little more low-key.

Updated to add: I just found another graphic in Blogland image that you may like that was created by Shanda of Front Porches, Sweet Tea, & Old Aprons. Bless her heart, she is willing to share it with other bloggers. You can read her post about going award free here.

For those of you who still plan to participate in blog awards, please don't be offended by this discussion or by anyone's decision not to participate. I don't believe that any one of us want to hurt anyone's feelings by not participating; in fact, I think it's quite the opposite.

Now let's have some fun! Get blogging!


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  1. I love the award free graphic you're using! May I use it too?

  2. Absolutely! Olde Dame Penniwig shares her graphics freely, the dear. If you click on the graphic you'll be taken to her post with other graphics available for award-free blogs.

  3. I feel the same way you do! You wrote these last two posts with such class~ I've been trying to come up with the words to post on my blog about awards but just couldn't come up with the perfect words like you have!
    Very nice.
    Hey thanks for the nice comment on my gluten post. You'd be shocked if you saw me a year ago. It's good to be here and well! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

  4. I may grab one of those graphics myself, Pam. It's not that I don't appreciate them, it's just that they really are time consuming. The last thing I would want to do is offend someone. Have a great day & thanks for your time you put into this.


  5. GREAT posts and graphics Pam!!
    I like this idea!! - I'm going to be working on updating my blog and may add one of these!!

    Now, can we discuss music on blogs? LOL........that's a pet peeve of mine, when they automatically start playing, if I don't see the player right away to press "stop", I close and leave....


  6. Cheryl, I leave my speakers turned off until I actually want to hear something, so I don't notice the music on blogs. I had to do that after getting blown off my chair once or twice! LOL

    Guess I'll have to think about doing a poll about music on blogs next week...

    My biggest pet peeve about blogs is dark backgrounds and dark text; I have a hard time reading those. Oh, and the prim thing of using upper and lower case haphazardly in words; once again I have a really hard time reading those posts. Sorry!

  7. YEAH for PAM!! I agree with Robin - you handled these last 2 posts with class so thank you!!

  8. I was ready to duck for cover about the awards, but I think you've done a great job of "clearing the air" about participating/non-participating, all without feelings hurt or judgements made. So thank'ee! As fun as games can be, I find it much more fun to read "homemade" blog posts. Just nosey I guess!

  9. No more awards? You mean I got your very last award? Awesome! Thanks for thinking of me. Music? I love music, never thought about not having it? I match my music to my posts. Thats part of my fun. This should be interesting...

  10. I don't care for music on blogs either, I'm not into country or hymns so I just keep my speaker turned off and none of it bothers me:)
    I too can hardly read the lower case and upper haphazardly in words, takes me so long to get thur the post:0

  11. Interesting post Pam and well-said. I'm sure most people would never hurt anyone's feelings on purpose - but boy oh boy - do those blog awards take some time. They are much appreicated but sometimes - well, they make us have to think to darn hard - hehe. Great post - great idea. Take Care, Cathy

  12. Hi, Pam~ Very interesting to read what you've written here, & understandable that you feel the way you do. I think you'll find alot of others who are in total agreement w/ you ~~~ we just do NOT LIKE to "disappoint" ~~~ (& that's the main reason I haven't taken the time to learn/get involved in blogging). I can also only IMAGINE how much time/dedication it takes to WRITE a blog, let alone find the time to enjoy those of others AND take the needed amount of time to comment. Sending you the warmest of happy wishes, Linda/ "Mom..."

  13. I don't keep my speakers off, because I do go to listen to things, plus I have sounds I need to hear, my email sound, my twhirl (twitter) sound - those are sounds I want to hear so I know when I have messages - plus my laptop volume control doesn't work well.


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