Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Quick Peek at the Shop

I realized today that it's been a while since I shared pics of our shop in Indian Trail. Tomorrow I plan to upload a new slideshow, but I thought I'd give you just a little taste of what to expect tonight.

Lots of changes have been made over the last month.  I've reclaimed three booths that had been rented to some of my wonderful dealers; there are still three dealer booths remaining and those will be turning back to me by the end of the month. At that point the entire shop will be filled by yours truly, giving me the chance to pull out a lot of goodies you've never seen before.


You will still be seeing prim home decor, but you'll be seeing a lot more of my original love: exceptional vintage glassware and dinnerware.

The remaining Christmas stuff has been consolidated into two booths; there are still lots of neat holiday items left at 50% off. If you talk really sweet, I'll probably extend the After Christmas Sale for you. *smile*

Booth T

I've put out some Valentine's temptations for you;  Easter and Spring will follow soon enough.


That's all for tonight! See you tomorrow!

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  1. I'm DYING to come back!! Hopefully soon...I need some more goodies to enjoy:)

  2. It was so good to see you Monday. I wish we would have had a little more time to look around. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to come back. The pics look great. Can't wait to see the new things you have to pull out.

  3. Pretty, pretty! Now you have whetted my appetite for your slideshow of the new wares!

  4. I wish you lived closer!

  5. Oh how fun-can't wait to see the slide show! I wish I lived closer so I could drop by! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. I could see myself perusing in here for hours! Maybe one day.


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