Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reader Poll About Blog Awards

Some of you may have noticed the poll I put in the right sidebar yesterday that asks the question, "How do you feel about blog awards?". A few of you have already participated, and at the time of this post the general consensus seems to be more ambivalent or negative rather than positive.

When I first landed in Blogland about a year ago, I noticed image that many bloggers were being nominated for "awards" like the "I ♥ Your Blog" award. I thought it was pretty neat, and couldn't wait until I got one too! After all, who couldn't use a little love and support, right?

After a while, I got my first award, then another. If you're truly participating in the award, you have to pass it on to a prescribed number of bloggers...and there's the rub.

If I passed the award to Blogger A and B, but not to C, then C's feelings were probably a little hurt. So after a while I tried to be creative in how I chose the bloggers to pass my awards to: my first seven followers, last seven followers, the last seven people to comment on my blog, the seven people who've commented the most lately on my blog...that sort of thing. It seemed a more fair way to pass on the awards, rather than having them seem like a popularity contest. We've all been through junior high once, no need to go back again, right?

Later last year, I noticed that some bloggers chose not to participate in awards (and their sisters "tags" and "memes"). I didn't understand why at the time, but now I'm starting to.

I think that maybe the problem is not enough time. Once you've been in Blogland a while, you develop a lot of just can't help it. And your blog roll grows and grows, and the list of blogs in your blog reader grows too. And if you try to comment frequently, that takes even more time. Before long, you find you're spending half the day in Blogland, rather than in the real world. As fun as it is, it's probably not healthy.

So, where do I stand on the issue? I'm on the fence right now. That's why I put up the poll...I'd truly like to know what all of you think. And I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or step on anyone's toes. Personally, I'm leaning towards the middle ground right now...accepting, but not passing them on.

Whether you participate in blog awards or not, I'd love to read your thoughts on the issue. If you play along, why; and if you don't, why not. You can either participate in the poll, or you can fire away a comment, or both. Or you can click on to the next blog. Your call.

But I hope you'll share your views. I'm curious that way!

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  1. Hi Pam! I just voted but wanted to explain why I don't play along... When I started my blog, it was intended to just be a place to show off my projects, and things for sale. When I got my first award, I thought it was so great but chose not to post it because the "business" end of my blog was what I wanted to focus on. Well since then, my whole outlook on blogging has changed (I've become friends with so many awesome people) and it's become more of a true sharing place for me. I'm also finding I'm spending too much time blogging in general and could never keep up with all the ins and outs of "passing it on".
    Hope that makes sense and I'm not stepping on anyone's toes!
    Have a GREAT day! Kimberly

  2. Kimberly, I completely understand because I'm in the same boat. This was originally intended to be a business blog, but business and personal tend to merge in Blogland.

    I've just started to see a trend against accepting and passing on awards, and wondered if that's the direction the majority were headed in these days (not to mention my own time constraints).

    I don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers either! LOL

  3. Pam,
    I know exactly what you mean. I thought it was neat at first, and they came one after the other. Then time to pick 7-10 to give the award to. How to choose? They are all good and I hate to not give the award to everyone on my blogroll. Sometimes I would do that.

    I think I have gotten to the point where I just dont to have to choose. Im thinking seriously about not accepting the blog awards, one is time, 2 is I dont want to have to pick and choose.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Hugs, Tammy

  4. I totally agree with you. I couldn't wait to get my first award and now it's all I can do to keep up. Also I feel bad when I'm "only" supposed to tag a few people but annoyed when I have to tag 20. I'm not hurt when I don't get one from someone I follow a will come my way eventually...maybe :-)

  5. Hi Pam!

    You explained it wonderfully! Visiting and commenting, or trying to comment rather each person on my blogroll takes ALOT of time, especially if I visit daily. At one point I felt terrible if I wasnt able to post a comment on a friends blog. Since the new year I have become a BWO, blogger without obligation, which leads to me awards/tags. They too, take up so much time. At first I couldnt understand why so many chose to be award/tag free but now completely understand! Blogging is my online journal for my life, kids, crafts and projects - Ide rather not congest it with awards and tags.

    I agree it was very hard picking and choosing and having the feeling that I left friends out, it wasnt fair to them!

  6. Hi Pam,
    I voted thing is I don't have enough time, if I'm not working I'm watching the grands:) Before I'd even get on the computer at Michele's while watching them and blog...not anymore they are more important. I thought about excepting and not choosing anyone but to me that's not part of the fun of it and as you said the blogging world has grown so much and I love to visit everyone's blog and see what you are all up to. So that takes time too.
    Have a great day and again thanks for thinking of me:)

  7. Weeks and weeks ago I made a post about how much time awards and tags take up. Sometimes it is hard enough to get pics uploaded and everything laid out the way I want it, never mind all the time it takes to pass it on. And of course there is that issue of leaving everyone out. I was one of the first people to bring it up and I got a VERY cool reception when I did. Now it seems a lot of people have changed their tune now that they are too bsy as well.

    At the same time, if someone feels I am worthy of something, I am honored that I have touched them so I will mention them but not pass them on. I am not going to keep an ongoing list of them on my side bar either.

    I hope that helps!

  8. I'm honored and appreciative when someone chooses to give me a blog award but I don't participate. It seems like it's gotten out of hand (especially when you get the same exact award from 10 different people) - it seems like a chain letter. Plus I don't want to leave anyone out by having to choose 7 people when really all the blogs I follow and list on my blog roll are all my favorite blogs and winners in my opinion.
    Good question to ask by the way - I was curious to see everyone elses response too!

  9. Pam, I agree with what everyone else has said. I don't work outside the home but I don't have time to pass them on, either. It is an honor to be given an award, but like Linda said, you have to upload the photos, then add the links, and explain the rules of the award or tag. I love to visit other blogs and leave a comment and for me that takes alot of time. Maybe I'm just slow ?? I am thinking of going award free because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if I don't pass it on. What a good subject you brought up.


  10. I'm feeling much the same way lately.


  11. Although I appreciate people appreciating me I feel funny about posting them and sending them on. That part shouldn't be a requirement. If I want to give a "shoutout" to someone that's as far as it needs to go. I do like the meme's and do them if and when I have time. It's always nice to get to know somebody a little bit more. That's just my humble option at any rate.

  12. Hi Pam,

    I agree with how you worded it...At the beginning I loved receiving the Awards but now it it so hard to keep up with them. Don't get me wrong...they are all treasured and I am very touched to receive them but after awhile it gets to be to much. I have been feeling guilty because I have been accepting them but not following through with what you are to do. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I just can't anymore.

    Every once in awhile it is nice to be recognized but I find it has gotten to be to much. I just don't want to offend anyone. I am seeing lately that the majority of people are now stating their opinion but I just can't yet because as I send I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.


  13. Olde Dame Penniwig is quite the cynical thinge and didn't like the "pass it on" aspect of the awards, and most especially some of the "link back" requirements. It seemed a bit pushy to me, a bit of "tit for tat" and I didn't care for that aspect -- whether that was the intention or not when these awards were created -- So you'll see only one award on my blog (the Elf Friend one)-- I made it and gave it to meself and ALL MY readers and it has no requirements. I like the idea of giving virtual things to other blogs, but like a gift. The awards going around are too much like chain letters for my taste. Just me 2 pence worth, dearies.

  14. You did explain it wonderfully! I love getting awards and giving them, but it does take time, and I hate the thought of not giving ALL my friends the award! SO sometimes I make up my own rules. Maybe the Blog awards where you nominate people, would be less, stressful? I am unsure.

    I do try to have a Bi monthly contest where I draw a name from my followers. Then I send them a prize, to let them know I appreciate the fact they take the time to follow me.

  15. I went through a phase where I loved receiving them and passing them on, but after a while, I began to feel like you. Too many blogs, so many friends, not enough time for awards and memes. And really, aren't we blogging so that we can document our own thoughts? If we get too caught up in awards and memes, we're no longer sharing our thoughts, but just playing along with the latest games.

  16. I agree.. however, it is a great way to get other people to take a look at other blogs they may not have otherwise. Anyone who takes the time to post deserves an award in my opinion. But there are sooooo many of them now. Thank you for mine by the way, I truly do appreciate it!!

  17. I feel the same way everyone else does, I just don't have the time, but I sure make time to read everyones blogs every change I get.

  18. I'm not a blogger...I just read them...and the fastest way to be cut from my reader list is post after post of awards or tag meme's...they are a cop-out to creativity and a nuisance IMHO! It seems to me that most ladies can tell they are ego driven drivel.

    In the quest for quality blog time for myself I stick with the lovely blogs where these are not the "norm".

    Thanks for the opportunity to give our opinions on this!

  19. VERY WELL SAID.....
    I know I have plenty of gals probably mad or hurt that I never posted,participated,or responded to awards,so if I may make my public apology....
    I love when an award is just "sent", or like the award at the Ol Dame Penniwigs...a "elf" award...just take it for yourself....
    I prefer spending time writing a nice comment,enjoying the persons posts,reading their profiles etc...
    GRAT NEWS...Over at the Ol' Dame Penniwigs she has created some Beautiful " AWARD FREE" buttons for us to snag...AWARD FREE and her graphics are FREE...
    So if there are blogging without obligation buttons perhaps all the gals that voted for to busy in your poll shall grab an Award free button we could spend more QUALITY time together!

  20. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I'm not on the receiving end of many awards so to me it's like a little validation but it took me over a week to post the two awards I received because I have very limited computer time. So on the one hand I've been sitting back wishing I was recognized for the sense of belonging and acceptance but on the other I quickly realized how much time it consumed trying to post, link, and pass along those awards yesterday... Plus I felt bad not nominating every single blog I visit because all are deserving *sighs* So what can you do?

  21. How about"awards" with no requirements?? Just to be able to receive it in the spirit it was given? No stings attached sort of thing.

  22. WOW! You sure got a lot of response with this post. I have to say it makes me feel better about myself. I was feeling "guilty" because I got awards and tags that to this day I have yet to get on my blog due to time. I already have a set "what I'm going to put on my blog" order.
    I hope I haven't hurt anyones feelings by not getting them on my blog.
    When I started blogging I LOVED getting them. Then I got busy and my blog got busy and my E mail box became full. I have to be careful that blogging doesn't become a full time thing or I wouldn't get anything done around my house!
    Plus with an award...I will never give another one out without giving it to everyone...I love all my blogging sisters and feel that all their blogs are wonderful. Knowing that, I ususally just don't post them-Most people won't take them off your blog and put them on their blogs unless you single them out and I'm too big of a wuss to do that! LOL!

  23. Hi Pam!!
    I too have found you thru the Lovely Grand Dame Penniwig!
    Your post is very thoughtfully expressed.
    My experience is much the same as yours!
    Blogging for nearly 1 yr, I was tickled to get my first award..It was confirmation that I wasn't just talking to myself! time to fulfill the task of acceptance was beginning to get too much!!..esp. when more than one lovely friend bestow the same award..
    but then an award in the truest sense is supposed to be freely given without further obligation..So no more hoops for me either!...;-)
    Thank you again for your thoughts!


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