Monday, January 19, 2009

Ready For A Little Springtime?

I know, we have a LOT of winter left.  But I just couldn't help myself...I spent most of today redoing a booth for spring. Booth G 1

I couldn't resist pulling out the pinks and greens and pale yellows, the chicks and the rabbits.

Booth G 3

The spring, Easter, and baby stuff go together so well. They're just so cute!

Booth G 2

We will now return to your regularly-scheduled winter, already in progress.


Pam siggie 2


  1. I love all those colors ! I needed a little peek of spring ~ it's so gray here today.

  2. I love all those spring / easter colors! That's the theme I have going in my guestroom at the cabin - birds, eggs, yellows, light greens.

  3. Pam, how pretty! Kind of warms my frozen toes...

  4. I am missing spring so it was nice to catch a glimpse!

  5. Hey Pam,
    Yes! I am ready for spring :) What a refreshing site to see all the pastel spring time colors. You have a nice shop Pam :)

    Have a blessed evening!

  6. I love those pastels. They do blend together so beautifully!

  7. Pam! I love the Spring booth! Would you mind if I moved into it for a while during this winter mess we are going through tonight?

  8. Hi Pam,
    I am so ready for Spring. It was sunny here today and is supposed to be sunny for the next couple of days. Feels like Spring is in the air!
    I love your Spring booth! Beautiful!

  9. Oh Pam everything looks wonderful! Girl I am so ready for spring-I can't even begin to tell ya-seriously! Winter has been tough everywhere this year-I need some sunshine!!!~Tam :)


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