Monday, January 26, 2009

Why City Folk Shouldn't Move to the Country

Hubby forwarded an email to me today with this pic and once I stopped laughing and dried my eyes, I decided I had to share with you! It's purported to be an actual poster:


Those of us who live in the country, especially here in the Southeast, know that the animal in question is NOT a cat, but is a 'possum, or an "opossum" to you cultured folks. Considering how foul-smelling and nasty these animals are, I'm still laughing at the mental image of the Good Samaritan picking up the creature's tail to check its gender.

Obviously the poster is a joke, but it's still pretty funny!


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  1. Omigosh! If this is true, then it is sad that someone actually thought that this was a kitty! LOL!

  2. Oh no - I'm from the country and where we come from that is called "road kill"!!! EWWWW




  4. They hiss like a cat and have those needle-sharp little teethies...used to have a mama possum always holing up in the garage to have babies...the babies were sort of cute...then again just about any creature is cute when it's a baby!

    Thx for the laugh!

  5. hi pam! loL!That was too funny! Now I am a big city girl and even I know what that critter is! Heck we have possums in Los Angeles-they loved to get into our trash! Hope you are having an awesome week girl!~Smiles~Tam!

  6. Ugliest Cat I ever saw...LOL That is just too funny. They are nasty mean critters, I mean.. I would hate to think of trying to catch one.

  7. Pam,
    I had a good chuckle from this one. We see those around our house quite often and our dog doesn't know what to think of them.

  8. YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK IF.......!!lol!
    That was priceless!


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