Monday, February 16, 2009

A Quick Peek at a Few New Arrivals

Another busy day! Thought I'd take a moment and give you a peek at some of the new goodies that have been coming into the shop lately.

First, something RCA Radiola 62 floor model radio from 1928. What a beauty! Here it is with the doors closed:


And with the doors open:

Radiola open

Just look at the detail:

Radiola dial

And now something new...a tin star wall clock, perfect for you prim girls!

Tin star clock

Something else old...a Pagoda tea set with the Burleigh mark from the 1930s:

Pagoda tea set

And something new...the new wall-mount reed diffuser holder for your Crossroads reed diffuser (shown here with a diffuser and a berry ring):

Reed diffuser wall holder

Something else of twelve Charles Ahrenfeldt Limoges plates circa 1894-1915. Each is 8-1/4" inches in diameter, the perfect size for light refreshments or to use as an accent plate with your dinner service.

Limoges plate

Something else new...a redware table lamp, mirror, and utensil holder.


And once again, something old for the plate addicts (yes, I'm talking to YOU, dear!). This is one of eleven 6-inch handpainted hard paste porcelain plates decorated with violets and a watercolor style wash background. Some of these have a backmark that looks like Coalbrookdale circa 1850s. Simply gorgeous!

Violet plate

And before I forget, thanks so much to everyone for their sweet comments on my Valentine's Day post. You gals rock!

Time to call it another day...


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  1. I love the redware mirrow very prim!!!

    Although I decorate prim I still like to look at other "stuff" to use in different styles. The plates are beautiful.

    The radio is gorgeous and looks like it was very well taken care of.
    Have a great evening:)

  2. The plates with the violets sure do capture my eyes!! The radio is amazing!

  3. OMG...I LOVE the radio cabinet!!!
    I have never seen anything like it before. Sure wish I lived closer...LOL

  4. Pam,
    I love the star clock! I have not seen one like that! I love everything with stars so I need that to go with my collection!
    I recently redecorated my bathroom and have a place waiting on me to get to your store for some pips!

  5. I really like that idea of the pipberry ring around the reed diffuser!

  6. I want to visit your store! I love everything. I'll have to see how close you are to Robbinsville, I have family there!


  7. The tin star clock is my favorite!

  8. That radio is gorgeous! Love all of the other new items too! I have an old radio that was my husband's grandmother's. His mother tells me stories about listening to it while she was growing up. I love having things with history behind them like that! Hope you have a wonderful week~Tam :D

  9. Missing your daily posts Pam!!



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