Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Redecorating With A Theme

Sometimes as I'm bringing in new things to the shop, one particular new item will trigger an idea for a new display and I can't shake it until I actually bring the idea to life. I was going through a box of vintage linens last week and came across a square of red-and-white picnic-style material that caught my imagination. I could picture it covered with fabulous 1950s era red and white kitchenware, and that image nagged at me until I finally pulled it together on Saturday.

So I cleared off a table, dragged out the fabric and covered the table with it, and started walking through the shop grabbing all the retro red-and-white items I could find. I started with a red wood Coke crate, and leaned it into a corner. The cubbies begged for something to be stuck in them, and these white milk glass spice jars with red lids fit the bill. With a nod to our prim/country fans, I tucked a Faith Hope Love pillow on top since the red gingham fabric fit in nicely. See the corner of the vintage Coke tray in the corner?

Faith Hope Love pillow

Next I hung up an assortment of 1950s era red-handled kitchen tools...spoons and forks and stainers and more.

Red handle kitchen tools

Then I began covering the table with milk glass mixing bowls and Fire King Primrose dinnerware. I added an electrified antique oil lamp with a red ruffled shade, and an apple peeler and Royal Ruby glassware. A wood rolling pin, glass reamer, and some prim/country dish towels with a rooster design mixed in nicely.

Kitchen display side

Here's the overall effect. I'll probably spend the next week tweaking it as I bring out more inventory from storage, but that's sort of the fun of redecorating, isn't it?

Kitchen display


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  1. That looks great! It was so good to see you Saturday and yes, I do hope we can get back before you close. Have a great evening!

  2. I love what you did w/ the REd! Who knew that red could be so bright and cheery!!

  3. That looks great Pam ~ I love it all !

  4. Wow, I like that a lot!!!! I wish I could just twitch my nose and be there to snatch all that up!!

  5. Loove it looks terrific Pam! I know what you mean about bringing ideas or inspiration to life-so much fun isn't it! Have a great week!~Tam:D
    P.S. I do hope we get to visit someday-how fun would that be!LoL!

  6. Wonderful decorating Pam, love the red 50's look! Especially all the red handled kitchen did a great job!

  7. I love the display cute!! I can't wait for my visit...I'm SO excited!! :)

  8. I LOVE Red Pam!!! I SO wish I lived closer!


  9. Hey Pam,
    I left a message about how much I love red and how great the display looks but not sure if you got it so this might be a repeat. :)

  10. Oh Pam, that looks great. I love it. I tell although I am way on the prim side of things I think I could easily turn to the vintage 1950's era. everything looks great. Hugs, Tammy


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