Thursday, March 26, 2009

One of the Things I'll Miss Most

One of the most fulfilling aspects of owning an antique shop is the thrill of matching just the right item with the right buyer. Helping a collector find that special piece to fill a hole in their collection is a lot of fun, but sometimes you're able to do so much more.

Way back in June of 2006, a customer found a true treasure in our shop. Here's the story, as told in our June 2006 newsletter:

Barbara Hurst is a Wedgwood collector and had visited our shop before. One day in June she returned to shop with her cousin, but it wasn’t Wedgwood that she found…it was an original painting done by her mother many years before in Burnsville, North Carolina.

Barbara noticed the painting in Booth C and remarked to her cousin, “Doesn’t that look like one of Mother’s paintings?” Her cousin picked up the painting and held it so that Barbara could see it better, and Barbara exclaimed, “That’s Mother’s signature in the corner!”

The two cousins were very excited about the discovery and promptly purchased the painting so that it could return to the family. Barbara related that she was born and raised in Burnsville, a small town in the mountains about 150 miles from Indian Trail. Her mother was an artist in Burnsville many years ago, and the family had lost track of the painting after her mother’s passing.

The cousins proudly posed for a photo with the painting before leaving with their treasure. Look at those smiles! Congratulations go to our dealer, Gail Porfilio, for making this special moment possible.



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  1. Such a nice story and I love the painting:)

  2. How wonderful for them to have found that treasure.
    That is one of the neatest things about having a shop....finding treasures. Oh, if the items could talk!!!

  3. How wonderful that the painting went back to family where it belonged! What a sweet story!...Debbie

  4. What a very cool story!!! What are the chances of that happening again???? Great post!!

  5. What a sweet story. I wonder sometimes if I will ever come across family treasures when I am in the consignments, you never know. My grandmother also hooked rugs, so i wonder if any of hers are floating around.


  6. That is such a sweet story-how cool is that! I can see why you would miss that sort of interaction with your customers! And I know they will all miss you too Pam-you are such a sweetie!
    And for them to find that treasure that way was no accident! ~Smiles~Tam!

  7. I can only imagine how happy those 2 gals were. I love the painting and would have bought it myself. Isn't it great to see your customers happy, you are going to miss that part of the business. When you have a website you don't get to see all those smiles and hear about their families. Good luck on your next happy customer.

  8. HI Pam,

    What a great story. And it sounds like liquidation is going well. I hope it makes it easier to find just the right home 'out west"!

    hugs, Linda

  9. How cool is that? So neat that its back in the family!!!! I love the painting!


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