Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Found A Job!

Baby Girl graduates from college in May, and like most of her classmates has been stressing out about finding a job in today's challenging economy. Her dream is to pursue a public relations career in the fashion industry, but those dreams have been put on hold. Instead, she's pursuing a different kind of dream, in a place where dreams come true.

You see, Baby Girl will be working at the happiest place on earth...the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida! One of my customers had told me recently about the Disney College Program, a paid internship opportunity for college students and recent college grads.

Image by Scott Thomas Photography

My baby applied, and yesterday she received her offer letter. She's on Cloud Nine right now, the weight of the world is off her shoulders. She has a job to look forward to right after she graduates, and from all accounts it should be a wonderful experience for her. And, it gives Hubby and me a fun place to go and visit her!

Congratulations, Sweetie!


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  1. That is terrific Pam! I am sure she will do very well and how can you not have fun working at the happiest place on earth? Yay!

  2. Congratulations to her! I'm quite jealous...Disney World is one of my very favorite places EVER!! Good for her...not only is that a relief in today's economy, but she can look forward to spending her days with Mickey! What more can she ask for:) See you Thursday!!

  3. Congratulations to you daughter! Disney has a renowned training program - she will get valuable skills from there!!

  4. Boy Pam,
    That is really exciting news! Congratulations to her!!!!!
    It doesn't surprise me though, she's your daughter and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

  5. WOW, that IS a relief. I'm excited for her. I hope all of her dreams come true!!!

  6. Gosh how lucky can baby girl be??? She will love it and I can see her going through "Its a Small World" now. Congratulations to you and baby girl. What a fun vacation that will be.

  7. What a dream come true...she is one blessed girl...will look great on her resume:) She seems to take after her mom!

  8. She is going to have the time of her life. Tell her to take lots of pictures and start a blog!!!!

  9. Hi,

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