Monday, March 16, 2009

Some New Old Dinnerware

Well, it's "new" since it hasn't been in the shop yet, but this dinnerware is truly old. Made by Gold Castle China in Japan during the late 1940s, the proper name for this pattern is "Hostess" but it's often called "Moss Rose".


I love the pale yellow rim and the pretty pink roses; it's feminine and cheerful. This is the third set of this pattern that I've bought to sell; it's very popular and always a good seller. Since so many are trying to "fill in" their sets, I've priced this set by the piece.

Hostess 1

Baby Girl fell in love with the pattern when I showed her the first set that I found when she was 16. I was surprised because she's a "modern" kind of girl and this pattern is definitely traditional. Wonders never cease!


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