Friday, March 13, 2009

A Surprise Visitor!

I got the nicest surprise when Cathi of Shakerwood Primitives stopped by the shop today. Cathi lives about 45 minutes away from the shop, so we hadn't met until today.

After we compared notes and caught up on each other's lives, Cathi did a wee bit of shopping. We won't tell her hubby, though!

Cathy from Shakerwood Primitives

Cathi's a quilter, one of those talented crafty people that I envy so much. She had a quilt shop for several years, so we have the shopowner history in common in addition to the love of primitives. I hate that we had to meet now that I'm closing the shop. *sob*

I always love when I get to meet my friends from Blogland, so of course we had to have a pic together to commemorate the event.

Cathy from Shakerwood Primitives and me

I'm really looking forward to my visit next week with Lauren of Simple Blessings. She's planning to pop in and I'm hoping she's bringing sweet little Noah with her. And goodness knows who else might pop in the might be you!


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  1. How glad to see a pic of both of you:)

    I hope Lauren brings Noah to see you too:)

  2. We're excited too:) My mom is going to be with us as well actually, so you'll get to meet her also. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. HI, just stumbled upon your blog an in your shop. Just love it. Guess I have to visit NC... Greetings from Florida, Paula

  4. But you forgot to mention that I just came in out of the rain and it was wet and yucky out. Trying to explain the way I look....LOL Dear Hubby loved all the stuff I got. I'm ready to go back. I found more nooks and crannies that need filling. Will post some in a minute and the rest tomorrow. Wonderful visit and wonderful shop!!!

  5. How fun Pam! Cute photo girls! Have a great weekend~Tam!:D

  6. Oh those visits are always so much fun!!
    You guys look GREAT!



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