Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Are The Chances?

Remember the retro red-and-white display I showed you earlier in the week? Here's what it looked like then:

Kitchen display

The rooster egg plate and most of the Fire King Primrose dinner has already sold, so I needed to tweak and add some things to the display. I have a selection of old LIFE magazines from the 1940s, so I started flipping through them trying to find a cover that would fit into the display. And you won't believe what I found! Check this out:

LIFE magazine

Notice the picnic tablecloth and the napkin in her lap? It's the very same fabric that I covered the table with! What are the chances that I'd happen to have a magazine that featured THAT particular fabric on the cover? So I had to pull the magazine out for the display, and added a few more things. Here's what it looks like now:

Retro display revised

And here's where I tucked the magazine:

Retro display revised 2

Just for fun, does anyone recognize the pretty girl on the cover? You old movie buffs should recognize her right Mom did!


Pam siggie 2


  1. Hi Pam...Love your vintage red display...brings bsck memories! My mom used to pack a picnic for my sister and me and take it into the backyard! Fun! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  2. Very beautiful display. What a great job that you have done.

  3. So cute Pam! I can't wait to come more week! Yay:)

  4. this is awesome! how cool that you found the old magazine.


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