Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday Fun

Every year my family gets together and celebrates all of our April birthdays. We have hot dogs and hamburgers, deviled eggs, potato salad, and baked beans, and then the birthday fun starts. The birthday babies sit at the kitchen table surrounded by their presents, and the whole family sings Happy Birthday off-key. The little boys always sing the loudest and with the most gusto. Then the present-opening follows, and the cake and ice cream top off the evening.

It just doesn't get any better than this!


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  1. That's exactly what we are doing today:) Easter and birthday's combined:)yes, it doesn't get any better then that.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day! And Happy Easter, too!

  3. First of all..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Second: I don't know where I've been that I missed the fact you're closing your store and MOVING! You know we have those beautiful views here in N.C.? Where ever you go, enjoy and be Blessed! Barbara @ Cabin In The Woods

  4. Where ever you go, enjoy and be Blessed! Barbara @ Cabin In The Woods

  5. Happy Birthday to you and to everyone else. It looks like you all had fun and ate well.
    Happy Easter!


  6. Looks and sounds like a lot of good fun!!! Happy Birthday too!!

  7. Hope you had a fantastic Birthday Pam!!


  8. This was a cute slideshow! I love that platter you got - happy birthday!!


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