Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Greetings!

Hope all of my sweet friends in Blogland have a wonderful and safe Easter weekend. Hunt some eggs, sneak some chocolate, hug a family member, and if you're so inclined, attend a joyous Easter service.

Easter Greetings

A quick family update: My family is getting together Saturday evening to celebrate all of our April birthdays: my son's was the 7th, my sister's is the 16th, and mine is the 12th. Sis and I have been sharing birthdays for 40 years, ever since God heard my prayer for "a little brother or sister, just something that breathes." I was a lonely only child those first six years!

Unfortunately Baby Girl won't be able to come home for the festivities; she's stuck working at her college dorm for the holiday weekend. We won't be seeing her until Graduation Day in May; we'll drive to Chapel Hill to cry as she accepts her diploma, then we'll be packing her up and bringing her home. It'll be a short visit...she leaves two weeks later for her internship at Disney World in Orlando. *sob*

The plans continue for my son's wedding (which is right before Baby Girl leaves for Orlando). The next six weeks will be a whirlwind for our family as final details for the festivities are hammered out. These milestones in both my babies' lives have me a bit emotional these mamas understand.

When I get a little down about how quickly the years have flown by with my children, I have to give myself a little mental shake to remind myself that the future holds many more milestones and special moments. And hopefully (someday)...grandchildren!


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  1. I hope that your Easter is wonderful too! As is your big birthday celebration! You definitely have a lot to be emotional about right now!! I get teary-eyed when Noah does something new...I can't imagine how I'll be when he's graduating, getting married, and leaving home?!?!?! Bless your heart for having those things with TWO AT ONCE! I'd be a red-eyed mess:) But I know you'll make it through beautifully!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of exciting things coming up for your family. Have a wonderful Easter weekend Pam!

  3. You do have a lot of emotional things coming up in addition to closing your beloved shop...
    But you are have weddings and births of grandkids coming up for you and those experiences are so wonderful. I love the relationship I have with my adult girls now!
    Buy some extra tissues, take time out to walk out in nature and to take a long bath by yourself to take deep breaths and embrace each milestone with joy in your heart!
    The Retirement Chronicles

  4. Oh boy so much going on!! OPur son got married last April and we had the wedding trip, and then came home and had a big formal reception a week later. I was exhausted but in a good way! I hope it all falls into place wonderfully!

    Have a blessed Easter! hugs, Linda

  5. Have a wonderful Birthday and Easter Pam!!


  6. i hope you have a Hip Hop Happening Easter Pam!!!


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