Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Last Week

Last week flew by in a blur. Twice as many customers as usual came through the shop, and most of them left with their arms full of goodies. Sunday I came into the shop while it was closed just to bring out even more from storage, and there is still a lot yet to be seen.

This morning before I opened the shop, I took pictures so you could see how much had changed. Now just a few hours later, eight pieces of furniture that you can see in the slideshow have been sold. I'll be darned if I'll take the pictures over again, so enjoy!

Each day I say goodbye to customers who have become friends; many give me great big hugs as they leave and I can't help but well up a little with tears. I have a feeling that Saturday will be a very emotional day; my poor hubby won't know what to do with me! LOL

Next week the real work starts: packing up what didn't sell. I have a feeling that my chiropractor will be able to take his family on vacation with what he'll earn from me over the next few weeks. We all stimulate the economy as best we can; that's my contribution!


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  1. Hey Pam,

    I'm the Irish girl that was in your store at the beginning of April with the two other crazy ladies, remember me? I would really appreciate it if you could email me. I have a question for you?

    Many thanks and good luck in your future and with the impending move!

    Alison Behan

  2. Pam - have you decided what city you want to move to? I'm excited for your new adventures!

  3. Ali - Of course I remember you! I've left a comment for you on your blog; can't find an email address for you.

    Shelley - Thanks! Hubby has applied for a transfer to Boise or Spokane; wherever a job opens up for him first, that's where we'll be heading...we're just waiting for a call.

    I'm getting a little excited now!

  4. Morning Pam, I can only imagine how emotional this last week will be. I'll be thinking of you! hugs, Linda

  5. Still looks pretty full to me!
    Good luck on your new adventure. I am sure you will meet tons of new friends too, whereever you go!
    The Retirement Chronicles

  6. It still looks pretty full because I'm still bringing out inventory from the back room! LOL

  7. Spokane, Spokane, Spokane!!! That way I can see you more!

    I bet you are getting a little bit emotional... It's the end of one era and a start of another!

    The shop still looks beautiful Pam.


  8. Thanks, Robin, you're so sweet. And yes, I'm leaning towards Spokane but the choice isn't up to us. We'll see what hand Fate deals us!


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