Friday, April 24, 2009

A Quick Update

Tomorrow is the very last day that our Indian Trail shop will be open to the public. If it's anything like today was, it will fly by in a whirling dervish of activity and hormones! LOL

Because our goodies have been selling so quickly during this liquidation, I made the choice to zero out a lot of my online inventory until after the "closing bell" tomorrow. Actual inventory numbers have been changing so quickly that I didn't want to risk offending an online customer who ordered something that had just been sold in the shop.

Don't week I'll start adding back in the actual on-hand quantities to the online inventory after I pack them up and bring them home. And soon I'll be adding lots of new things to the online store that you've never seen before!

First things first...close out the Indian Trail shop. Then pack up all the remaining goodies and haul them home. Try to figure out a way to organize them so that I can actually find things. Then start bulking up the online offerings. And return to blogging...a lot!

That's the plan, my friends. Wish me luck!


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  1. Fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow, I know it will be bitter sweet for you but your future holds lots of good things!! Good thoughts coming from Texas gf

  2. I wish I'd have known of your blog and sale sister and I would have certainly been there! I live in Rock Hill and she lives in Pageland...would have made a great outting for us. I hope your day is good!!

  3. I'll be thinking of you today...has to be alot of mixed emotions but as the lady from Texas said...your future holds alot of good things!

  4. I so admire you Pam! And I am very happy to have had the chance to get to know you through blogland. I know how hard it will be to leave your store behind. But you will have a great time with your new life afterwards! I had a long day today-fun but very long and I was thinking about what you must be experiencing as the end of this big day came. I was a store manager for five years and I left that all behind three years ago-it was so hard-shed many tears-but the best thing I ever did! All of the expeiences and wonderful people taught me a lot that I will carry with me always. I know your customers will miss you and vice versa. Good Luck! Smiles & Hugs~Tam!

  5. I wish you a lot of luck! You sound very organized! can't wait to see what you post on your online store!

  6. I miss you already. On those days I needed a little "me" time, your shop was my bright spot.
    Good luck with you new adventure.

  7. You are so together and strong. You amaze me, but I don't know why. We women are a stout-hearted bunch and we shall always persevere.
    Best of luck with your new venture.....


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