Monday, May 4, 2009

And the moving continues…

Since we closed to doors to our Indian Trail shop on April 25th, Hubby and I have been spending all of our time packing and moving inventory out of the shop. A lot of the inventory comes to our home, some goes to auction, but most has been loaded into a 10x15 storage unit that is nearly full already.

Hauling heavy boxes all day for the past week has been a killer. Both of us are moaning and groaning every time we take a step or…heaven forbid…try to get up after sitting for a little while. Ouch!

I took a few pictures late last week; things have changed quite a bit since then. Here’s what the shop’s center looked like once the moving process started:

Shop center

And a couple of booths:

Booth C

Booth G

Sad, isn’t it? And with the amount that we have left, we won’t be totally out of the building until this coming Saturday.

But just wait until you see the organizing I’ve been doing at home. I’ll be sharing pics in a few days once I get things more in order.

Time to run…there’s more hauling to do! I miss you all!


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  1. You guys are really working hard! Maybe it's time for a "couples" massage! I bet your muscles are really sore!
    Have a great week Pam,


  2. What a bittersweet time this must be for you! I agree with's time for a well deserved massage. Still waiting to hear where you're headed from here! ~~Annie

  3. Great to hear your last sales went beautifully and now you are set to go.
    I know what you mean about the pain...I have been raking and gardening and literally grown when I have to bend over or get up fast. Growing older is not for sissies. ha

  4. Hang in there girl, you've about got 'er licked!! Get that massage!!!

  5. Miss you too girl! I know it is tough work packing and moving-hang in there!
    Must be a strange feeling to be disasembling your store, and by now you probably just want to be done with it. If I lived closer I would be pitching in and helping ya! Be careful don't hurt yourself and we will be here in blogland waiting to hear from ya again! ~Smiles~Tam!

  6. Robin had a great idea with the massage! Can't wait to see the organizing ou have done at home. Keep us posted!

  7. You're making GREAT's so overwhelming at times isn't it?! Make sure you taking a relaxing hot bath each night!!


  8. Pam, its almost over and you can relax a little next month still to much for you to do this month, Has Myron ask for a divorce yet??LOL
    I know he is so tried after working all day. I bet you both will be glad when its over!!!
    Hang in there just a little while longer.


  9. YEAH its getting closer! I cant wait til you move up here by me! There's just gonna be the mountain pass between us!!! You are gonna love living out here!HURRY UP!
    Hugs BeCca


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