Saturday, June 13, 2009

Being June Cleaver

I know that most of you are too young to remember the old TV show, Leave It To Beaver. It was in black-and-white, for goodness’ sake; you probably don’t even remember black-and-white TVs, I’ll bet.

But those of you who do remember know how from perfect Beaver’s mom was. Mrs. Cleaver was always perfectly turned out in her pretty dresses and pearls. She never yelled at the Beav for doing stupid things, and she was always cooking in her spotless kitchen when Wally and Beaver got home from school.

June Cleaver was one of those TV moms that we wanted to have when we were children, and that we hoped to be when we became mothers. Unless, of course, we became Senators or doctors, but at least then we would have a good excuse for not having an uncluttered house that smells of cookies all the time.


I am so not perfect. I have pearls, but would never dream of wearing them at home. My kitchen is not spotless, but it’s respectable. The rest of my house isn’t perfect either, but it’s definitely a lot cleaner now that I’ve closed the shop and am at home all day.


So I’ve been trying my hand at being June Cleaver. I’ve been vacuuming three days a week, my laundry is done, bed linens are clean, and I have apple cinnamon muffins on the counter at all times. If a friend were to drop by unexpectedly, I wouldn’t die of embarrassment. We could sit down at my clean kitchen table, and have a cup of tea and a muffin.


Are you ready to barf yet?

Seriously, I have been trying to be a better housewife; after all, the only direction I could go is “up” with that one. Owning a shop means that your house is never clean unless you’re expecting company, dinner is often fast food, and you never have a clean shirt. Hubby used to tell people that if our home was as clean as the shop, he’d be a happy man.

Closing your shop and working at home means that you’d better shape up fast, or else Hubby might make you get a real job.

Muffin, anyone?



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  1. Wow Pam,
    You have an amazingly clean oven!!!!!
    Sad but that was the first think I noticed and realized I need to be more like June and you and clean mine!!!!!

    P.S. I remember black and white very well... I miss the days when TV shows were clean with actual morals.

  2. I love your post title and I do remember Leave it to beaver in black and white, I liked it until the Beav got older than I thought he was dorky")

    The muffins look so good and maybe one day you will surprise your husband with wearing pearls:)

  3. Thanks, girls! Robin, it's funny you mention that. Hubby had noticed the draft of this post when he was checking the weather on my computer. His comment: "I can't believe you took a picture of our dirty stove!" LOL

  4. Wow - at first I thought that was a picture from the Internet! Your stove is clean! When I quit working in 05, I decided that I needed to get back to being keeper of the home and I love it. Sometimes I slack off, but then again, we don't get scheduled coffee breaks or paid vacation time either!

    I saw you answered Robin here. I never think to go back once I leave a comment. Now I am wondering how many times I missed something!!

    Enjoy being home and save a muffin for me!!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Thanks so much, Linda. Come on over...I'll save you a muffin!

  6. What time should I drop by for that tea and muffin???

  7. My retired friend, feel free to drop in any time! LOL

  8. Hi Pam, I seen your comment on old annies blog..I too have 7 cats..that is where my name came from..I have a garden gate that has cat nap inn on it..we just recently said goodbye to our almost 18 years old kitty..he was the oldest of 8... have a good one..:)

  9. Oh yes...I am of the black and white TV era! June Cleaver I'll never be! But you've inspired me to do better!

    Vacuuming THREE times a week?!?! I'm lucky to get ONE in! LOL ~~Annie

  10. LOL too funny Pam. Fun isn't it!

    Allison told me one day "Mom, your the only Mom of all my friends that bakes ALL the time! " LOL

    oh, and want to know a little "tip"? My hubby pops in thru out the day so I often plug in the vacuum and leave it sit in the house, so if he walks in unexpectidly, it LOOKS like I've been working and NOT on the computer all day! LOL ........shhhhhh I did NOT tell you that!!



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