Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not June Cleaver’s Cherry Pie

Still trying to channel June Cleaver.

Baked a cherry pie.


Used Harris Teeter pie crust.

Filled it with canned cherry filling.

Here’s how it came out:


Not so bad, right?

Look closer.


The top pie crust separated from the bottom crust. The pretty little pastry leaves that I stuck on top didn’t help. Nor did the cute little vents that I cut in a star shape between the leaves.

Hubby said that I didn’t cut enough vents. I’m not sure exactly what happened, all I know is that when I pulled the pie out of the oven, the top looked like teensy little jacks had lifted it about half an inch.

I know, the edges aren’t beautifully fluted either. Those are the two problems that I have with baking pies:

1) Getting the top and bottom crusts to stick together, and

2) Making a pretty edge around the top crust.

I’ve tried the pinching method, and using the end of a butter knife. Neither method worked well for me.

Ideas anyone? And please don’t tell me to just buy a pre-baked pie crust. I cheated enough as it is!

Where’s June when you need her?

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  1. LOL I bet DH ate it anyway?

    When you put the top crust on the bottom crust, wet the dough where they meet a little. It acts like a glue. And Ialways try to fold the bottom over the top or vive versa as well. I think you had enough vents - just make them a smidge bigger.

    I use Pillsbury crusts sometimes and my family never knows the difference! Shhh!!

    hugs, Linda

  2.'re too funny! I'll bet it TASTES good, though. And in my house that's really all that HAS to, because I'm definitely no June Cleaver! LOL! Actually...I think it's right purrrdy! Sure wish I had a slice of that yummy looking pie! ~~Annie

  3. hey...I think it looks great and I'm certainly impressed:) I'm not much of a cook or baker but I can flute, I guess I learned that from my mom when I used to watch her bake:)
    PS I only flute once a year at

  4. Your way is my way to make cherry pie too! I always use those ready crusts. (And mine don't pinch together well either - hope someone has some tips for us!)

  5. suggestion? yep - don't make 2 crust pies! LOL.....that's what I do!

    let's see I think when I have I used a little water on them to make the dough pasty like a glue.

    doesn't matter, it still tastes good!!

    Oh, and I always use the pillsbury roll out crust!!



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